Jayson Tatum Shouts Out Oshae Brissett After Celtics Win vs. Heat

Jayson Tatum

Getty Jayson Tatum

After the Boston Celtics beat the Miami Heat in their first Eastern Conference Finals rematch on October 27, Jayson Tatum shouted out Oshae Brissett for how he impacted the game when he came in.

“He was the sole reason that we got back into the game, and I told him that,” Tatum told reporters, per NBC Sports Boston YouTube Channel. “He came right in,  and we were kind of flat. His energy, his offensive rebounding, giving us second and third-chance opportunities was big. And that’s his job. For him to come do that, to not play last game, and come in today and give us the spark to turn the game around was huge. And that’s what I love about our team.”

When Brissett played his first minutes with the Celtics, the Heat were up 26-13 with five minutes to go in the first quarter. By the time Brissett subbed out, the Heat held only a two-point lead at 33-31 around the 10-minute mark of the second quarter. The Celtics getting themselves back into the game with Brissett playing was not a coincidence.

Initially, the Heat appeared on their way to embarrassing the Celtics in their home opener until Brissett came in. Brissett deserves credit for helping the Celtics prevent that from happening and helping them win in such a crucial matchup.

Joe Mazzulla Praises Oshae Brissett’s Impact

Jayson Tatum wasn’t the only one who shouted out Oshae Brissett. Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla also praised Brissett for how he helped change the game’s momentum.

“He didn’t play in Game 1 (against the New York Knicks). He changed the game. That, to me, is what momentum is all about. He came in. He made a significant impact. He did his job at a high, high level. So, we have to get to a point where what he did was just as important as what the other guys have done tonight, and he helped us win,” Mazzulla said, per CLNS Media Boston Sports Network’s YouTube Channel.

Furthermore, Mazzulla admitted that he initially planned to play Brissett later on but chose to sub him earlier into the game instead.

“He was supposed to go in to start the second. But I felt like we needed him earlier, and so you just kind of went with him, and he did a great job.”

Even if he put up only two points, Brissett proved Mazzulla made the right choice.

Oshae Brissett Gives Honest Thoughts on Performance

When asked about how he played, Brissett said that what he did in his Celtics debut is what he usually does when he takes the floor.

“That’s who I am as a player,” Brissett told reporters, per CLNS Media Boston Sports Network. “Every night, I’m going to try to do that no matter who we’re playing, no matter what night it is. But we’ve got real stars on this team. So me coming in, just being myself, not trying to do too much. Not trying to prove that I can do anything else even though they all know I can.”

The energy Brissett brought could earn him a permanent spot in the rotation.

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