Former Celtics React to Jrue Holiday Trade: ‘Didn’t See That One Coming’

Evan Turner, Isaiah Thomas

Getty Evan Turner, Isaiah Thomas

After confirmation that the Boston Celtics had acquired Jrue Holiday from the Portland Trail Blazers, several former Celtics gave their own thoughts via their X accounts on the two-time all-star becoming the team’s latest addition.

Former Celtics fan favorite Tacko Fall expressed his shock that the Celtics pulled the trigger on the deal via his X account.

Celtics legend Paul Pierce was also shocked by the move but was excited nonetheless to see Holiday join the team via his X account.

Former Celtics MVP candidate Isaiah Thomas proclaimed that, following the move, the Celtics were the new favorites in the Eastern Conference via his X account.

Former Celtics’ sixth man Evan Turner sarcastically vowed that he would return to the Celtics to piggyback off their success via his X account.

It seems as though the reaction from these former Celtics is mostly positive, though there seems to be some surprise that Boston agreed to such a deal.

Usually, teams don’t make such sizable changes with the season just around the corner, but the Celtics had an opportunity, and they took it.

Evan Turner Pushes for Jrue Holiday to Join Celtics

After ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported via his X account that the Trail Blazers had every intention to trade Holiday as soon as possible on September 27, Turner pleaded for his former team, the Trail Blazers, to buy out his former teammate so he could join his other former team, the Celtics.

“Portland, buy Jrue out so he can sign to the Celtics,” Turner wrote via his X account that same day. “I’m trying to see something real quick.”

Turner didn’t stop there. When FanDuel producer Eddie Gonzalez tweeted a picture of Holiday in a photoshopped Celtics jersey at Turner via his X account, Turner responded by writing, “Let’s talk about it,” via his X account.

Turner ultimately got his wish with his former teammate now on the Celtics. More than that, Turner has been very open about how connected he still feels to Boston. Playing for the Celtics from 2014 to 2016 ultimately saved his NBA career and got him a four-year, $70 million contract. After his playing days were done, Turner then joined the team’s coaching staff for the 2020-21 season.

Now Turner gets to watch one of his first NBA teammates experience Boston for himself.

Celtics Were Among Jrue Holiday’s Preferred Teams: Report

After reporting that the Celtics had acquired Holiday, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Celtics were among the teams Holiday would have preferred playing for.

“The Celtics were among the teams at (the) very top of Holiday’s wish list in recent days and (the) expectation is Celtics are eager to retain him long-term, sources said. Holiday has a year left on (his) deal. Boston beat out several teams in both conferences with a significant trade package,” Wojnarowski reported via his X account.

Wojnarowski also reported that the Celtics hope to work out an extension with Holiday.

“The Celtics were an aggressive suitor for Holiday, 33, and are expected to work to sign him to a long-term deal with free agency looming in the summer of 2024,” Wojnarowski wrote in an October 1 story.

The Celtics would look stupid if they let Holiday potentially walk after one season knowing what they traded for him.

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