Paul George Has Strong Words for Tatum & Brown After Being Bested by Celtics

Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown

Getty Jaylen Brown #7 and Jayson Tatum #0, Boston Celtics

After the Boston Celtics defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 116-110, Clippers star Paul George praised Celtics stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown for how well they play well off of one another, among other qualities.

“I love both of their games. I hope those two guys stick together for the rest of their careers. They’re special together. It’s definitely a dynamic duo. They just compliment each other so well,” George said.

George also detailed how Tatum and Brown factor into how good the Celtics are as a team.

“With a team like them, they’re obviously gifted offensively with Jayson and Jaylen. They got great pieces around them, so they’re gifted offensively. With the growth and maturation of both those guys, I think they’re both doing a great job of sharing that load, being playmakers, scorers. They really just elevate each other, and so you see that with them.”

The Celtics’ season series against the Clippers finishing at 1-1 is the first time that’s happened since the 2019-20 season, which was the first season the Clippers had both George and Kawhi Leonard. The Clippers won last season’s series 2-0, while the Celtics won the season series the season before that.

George Voices Displeasure Over Offensive Foul

During the Celtics-Clippers game, Marcus Smart drew an offensive foul call on George during a play that many may call into question. Especially since Jaylen Brown fell at the exact same time as Smart.

After the game, George took to Instagram to express his displeasure at that particular call on the floor. On his Instagram story, George asked if the refs should get fined for making bad calls like they did during this sequence, as he heavily implies.

Since coming to the NBA in 2014, Smart has proven himself to be adept at drawing charges. This season he’s tied for the eighth-highest number of charges drawn in the league, having drawn eight total, which is the second-highest among Celtics. Derrick White has the most, drawing nine.

Despite having played in only 15 games this season, Blake Griffin has drawn three charges during his playing time for the Celtics.

Brown Responds to Damon Stoudamire’s ‘Bully’ Comments

Damon Stoudemire, who has taken Joe Mazzulla’s place as head coach while Mazzulla recovers from eye issues, described Jaylen Brown as a “bully,” which Stoudamire soon clarified as a good thing.

“He’s a bully to me. Like when I say a bully, I say it from the standpoint of a good way,” Stoudamire said of Brown. “I feel like he’s the type of guy every team needs. The way he plays, I think it balances JT. I think that he’s the total opposite of JT, and I think that’s why it works with them.”

Brown responded to Stoudamire’s comments, saying that Stoudamire is using his temporary position as head coach to “switch up” on him and the other Celtics players.

“I don’t know what the hell Damon talking about… Now he the head coach he want to switch up on us,” Brown said.

The Celtics have managed well with Stoudamire as their temporary head coach. Not only are they 2-0, but they’ve also had quality victories over NBA contenders like the Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks.