Could the Nets Reunite with 6-Foot-10 Free Agent Big Man?

Sean Marks

Getty General Manager Sean Marks of the Brooklyn Nets speaks at the podium during a press conference at Brooklyn Nets Media Day

It’s no secret that the Brooklyn Nets have been looking to add another veteran big man to their roster. They have been linked to veteran big men like Dwight Howard and Hassan Whiteside, but so far, there isn’t much more than talks with the free agents. Howard hasn’t gotten an offer he likes, and that has him considering a move to the WWE. Nets general manager Sean Marks told the media that the team is committed to giving young big men Nic Claxton and Day’Ron Sharpe a chance to prove themselves this season before they look to a veteran free agent. 

“I’m looking forward to seeing Nic and Day’Ron out there,” Marks said. “And see what they can do. They put in the time on the court with our coaching staff this summer and really put in long hours. If you noticed, their bodies have changed and matured. … At the end of the day, I’m excited to give Nic and Day’Ron a shot out there and see how they perform.”

Could Derrick Favors be an Option for the Nets?

Claxton has been impressive so far this preseason and looks to be a dependable big man for the Nets, but perhaps the team could benefit from a veteran presence. Nets head coach Steve Nash has said that Markieff Morris is a center, but so far he has never played that in his career, and it’s hard to see the 33-year-old playing extensive minutes at center at 6-foot-8. He brings the toughness for the Nets but is lacking in height. 

One weakness I see in the Nets roster is who will they play to match up with conference centers like Joel Embiid or Robert Williams? That’s where the veteran center could be a target for the Nets, and one answer that may be a better fit than Howard or Whiteside is in a reunion with former Nets big man Derrick Favors, who Shams Charania of The Athletic reported on October 14, is likely to be waived after being traded to the Houston Rockets. 

The Nets drafted Favors in 2010 with the third pick in the NBA Draft before trading him to the Utah Jazz in the Deron Williams trade. Favors has had a pretty solid NBA career, and now as a veteran free agent, could play an important role for this Nets team. Favors has grown into being a good defensive and rebounding backup center. He can also score but hasn’t been given the same opportunities he once did. Last season, Favors averaged 5.3 points and 4.7 rebounds for the Oklahoma City Thunder in 16 minutes per game. 

Favors vs. Howard or Whiteside

Derrick Favors doesn’t fill the stat sheet like Whiteside or Howard, like the Nets have been linked to. However, it has been widely known for years that Whiteside and Howard fill the box score with useless stats, and while they bring down a lot of rebounds or blocks that they don’t have any real impact on the game. Favors can on this Nets team. He isn’t the player he was when the Nets drafted him in 2010, but he can help bring something that the Nets need. He’s not the name that Whiteside or Howard is, but he can make an impact that they don’t. 

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