Golden State Warriors All-Star Sends Message About Kevin Durant Trade Rumors

Andrew Wiggins and Andre Igoudala

Getty Andrew Wiggins #22 talks to Andre Iguodala #9 of the Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant made waves throughout the National Basketball Association when he doubled down with his trade request to the Brooklyn Nets last weekend. In a meeting with Nets owner Joe Tsai, the Nets forward reconfirmed his wish to be dealt from Brooklyn, or the team could let go of their general manager Sean Marks and head coach Steve Nash. Joe Tsai quickly spoke out in support of his front office and coaching staff in a tweet that hints that the decision with Durant has been made and he will be dealt. Some speculated that Durant knew that Tsai would pick his staff over Durant and the ultimatum was given to lower the Nets asking price. 

With four years left on his contract in Brooklyn, the news wasn’t well received by many, including one NBA executive who told Heavy’s own Steve Bulpett that he was ‘livid‘ about Durant’s request. 

“Livid,” he said. “Livid. He and Kyrie (Irving) basically told Sean they were coming (as free agents in 2019), and Sean did pretty much everything they wanted after that. Signing DeAndre Jordan for four years? That’s something Kyrie and KD wanted. Getting James Harden? Then getting a guy who should be a perfect complement to them (Ben Simmons) when Harden wanted out? Sean did all that.

“And now KD doesn’t like how it’s all worked out? There’s probably some other people he should talk to about that, maybe even a teammate,” he said, acknowledging that he was referring to Irving.

Andre Igoudala Sounds Off on Durant Situation

Recently, an NBA player and member of the Golden State Warriors, Andre Igoudala commented on the news in a different tone but suggested what he believes Durant should do about the situation. 

“I think he should stay in Brooklyn. It’s such a big market. It’s good for the game, and just figure out how to make it work like everybody grow up and make it work. That’s how I feel about the situation,” Igoudala suggested on a recent episode of his Point Forward podcast

Igoudala noted the time remaining on Durant’s contract as a reason he should work it out and try to make things work on his remaining contract in Brooklyn.

“This is a situation where it’s either, look, man just come out here and play or don’t play because you got 4 years, we got you for a while, so it’s not like you’re on an expiring contract, and then you can just take off a year, and we just give up a year,” Igoudala continued. 

Durant Could Hold Out

After the news of Durant’s ultimatum, could things be mended with the superstar forward, Marks, and Nash? It is hard to tell. Right now, the belief is starting to shift Durant will escalate things by holding out of training camp for the Nets. 

“If indeed he doesn’t show up to training camp, then they are going to pour gasoline on this. Because now there’s going to be a collective bargaining agreement at the same time, You’re going to have him potentially losing paychecks, they’re going to have to talk about it every day,” Windhorst said. “The water’s not boiling yet, but the water is just getting warmer.” 

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