Nets Could Swap Kevin Durant for Rookie Standout in ‘Massive’ Deal With Rival

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Getty Kevin Durant.

Two–time NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Kevin Durant has officially requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. After being swept by the Boston Celtics in the first round of the playoffs the star forward has decided to move on from the franchise. 

Durant already has multiple teams banging down on his door for potentially one of the biggest blockbuster trades in league history. But the Nets have been adamant about not moving their franchise player unless they get a substantial trade offer from one of his suitors. During an appearance on Mad Dog Radio on July 4, NBA Insider Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of Bally Sports said that the Nets and Toronto Raptors have been in talks about a potential trade surrounding the 2022 NBA Rookie of the Year, Scottie Barnes. 

“I do know that the Nets and the Toronto Raptors have had some level of interest in this whole ordeal,” the insider said during his appearance on Mad Dog Radio.

“I spoke to someone via text yesterday that said that the Raptors are interested in a massive package for [Kevin Durant], which would include Scottie Barnes for unprotected first-round picks included in that offer. I spoke to Scottie Barnes during the NBA Finals. I was traveling back and forth between San Francisco and Boston. He likes the situation in Toronto. So I’m hoping that there’s some sort of resolution with the Nets, Kyrie and KD, and even Ben Simmons because they didn’t really get a chance to run it back.”

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Scoop B: Marks, Nash Need to ‘Look in the Mirror’

Nets star Kyrie Irving has often been painted as the villain and the prime reason for them unraveling in the past few seasons. After refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19, the All-Star only appeared in 29 games for Brooklyn in 2022, which contributed to them having a significantly lower seed and ultimately being eliminated early. But Robinson says that although Kyrie has played his part in the Nets’ demise he is not the only one to blame in this situation 

“It’s not just Kyrie. I know he’s blamed a lot. I think that Steve Nash and Sean Marks legitimately need to look in the mirror, not just be a Kyrie situation, not just a Kevin situation, not just a Ben Simmons situation,” Robinson continued. 

“You saw that Ben Simmons deleted his Instagram account the other day. Mental health is something that he’s really been somewhat cryptically discussing for a while. It triggers. I really do think that the Nets, Kyrie, Ben, Steve Nash, as well as Sean Marks need to figure this out, as well as Kevin Durant.”

Nets Optimistic About Reconciliation With Franchise Stars

Although Durant has officially requested a trade, in the NBA, things can change in a New York Minute. NBA insider Ramona Shelburne recently noted how late Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, at one point, requested a trade from the franchise. But it was denied by the Lakers front office. The Hall of Famer went on to win two more titles with Los Angeles and two NBA Finals MVPs before retiring with the franchise in 2016, leaving a wrinkle of hope that things could sort themselves out in Brooklyn. 

Robinson also notes that some people within the Nets circle are holding out hope for a reconciliation between the franchise and their two stars. 

“I think that there could be some level of reconciliation going on,” Robinson continued. “I know that there’s been a hope on that specifically because the Nets are gathering more information, and Kyrie and Kevin Durant have been very silent.”

As it stands, Irving and Durant are still members of the Nets. Reconciliation would be the best option for both sides. 

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