Blockbuster Nets & Lakers Trade Would be a ‘Win’ for Both Sides, Says Analyst

kyrie irving

Getty Kyrie Irving could be reunited with LeBron James.

Now that the Brooklyn Nets’ season is over, analysts and fans alike are cooking up the various ways for the team to improve its roster.

Ben Simmons underwent surgery and he’ll likely be ready for the start of the next year, so the Nets could stand pat and be ready for the season with a new Big 3. Alternatively, they could make a high profile move that ships one of the stars out of town in favor of another.

Former NBA champion turned analyst Kendrick Perkins makes the case for sending Kyrie Irving to Los Angeles to reunite with his former teammate in LeBron James in exchange for All-NBA forward Anthony Davis. The Nets could use a lot of help with their defense, and Davis would certainly provide that and he can certainly pitch in a ton on the offensive end as well.

Perkins believes this would a win-win scenario for both the Lakers and the Nets.

Why It Makes Sense

Irving and Davis both missed a huge chunk of the season for their respective teams, although both did so for different reasons. However when they two are healthy and playing, it’s clear they are among the best players in the entire NBA.

The duo of Irving and Durant alone showed it wasn’t enough to win a single game in the playoffs, so perhaps some changes are needed. Perkins suggests something wild and that’s sending Irving out of town.

“If I’m the Lakers, I would seriously consider trading Anthony Davis for Kyrie Irving,” he began. “Let me explain why, okay? I think it’s time for both franchises, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets, to get a new change. Both of them. I think the players need a new change. I wouldn’t mind seeing Kyrie Irving back with LeBron James, a guy he went to Finals with and won a championship.”

From that point of view, it certainly makes sense for Irving to want to reunited, but why would Davis want to be traded away from the only team he’s seen any success with?

“I also wouldn’t mind seeing Anthony Davis team up with Kevin Durant in the Eastern Conference,” Perkins continues. “And here’s why I like Anthony Davis in the Eastern Conference. When you look at the Eastern Conference, what does the Eastern Conference stack up? Bigs. When you look at Giannis Antetokoumpo, Joel Embiid, Bam Adebayo if you’re the Brooklyn Nets and you’re Kevin Durant, I’m looking at AD like ‘Hey, this conference that’s the better conference got nothing but great bigs. I need someone to match that intensity when it comes playoff time.'”

Lots of Red Flags

Lakers star Anthony Davis

GettyLakers star Anthony Davis

While it’s no question that Davis is a top talent in the NBA, he has not proven he can stay healthy when it matters most. He did help secure a championship in Los Angeles, but his injuries played a big role in their first round elimination to the Phoenix Suns last season and then the Lakers missing the playoffs entirely this year.

It’s not clear if he can be counted on for a championship team with any consistency, but the same seems like it can be said for Irving right now. Perhaps a fresh start is what the two sides need.

As unlikely as this scenario sounds, it can’t be counted out entirely.

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