NBA Executives Break Silence on Potential Kyrie Irving Trades

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Getty Kyrie Irving moves the ball up the court.

As the Brooklyn Nets continue to plow ahead with the services of their star point guard Kyrie Irving, several NBA executives and coaches have spoken up about their hesitancy to make a trade for him.

Due to him being vaccinated against COVID-19, Kyrie Irving is unable to play in Nets home games, and the team has decided to sit him for the entire season as a result of this.

There have been reports that the Nets are taking calls for their superstar guard, but nothing has come to fruition as of yet. Speaking to HoopsHype, some executives, who have decided to remain anonymous, have spoken up about potential trades for Irving, and it doesn’t sound good for fans hoping the team is able to swap the guard for assets.

“He’s a Guy That Front Offices Don’t Trust”

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GettyKyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

It might go without saying, but other teams are hesitant on trading for Irving based on his decision to not get vaccinated. He’s created a large cloud over the Nets this season, and while he’s not with the team, he’s still the source of so many questions.

Talking to HoopsHype, one executive says that teams just don’t trust him.

“For the most part, every front office and coaching staff is scared to death of him and doesn’t want to touch him,” the executive said. “Honestly, it might’ve been four teams before this (his refusal to get vaccinated). He’s a guy that front offices don’t trust. Coaches don’t want to deal with him. Players like him.”

Speaking of coaches who don’t want to deal with him, one former assistant coach in the NBA said that Irving would go rogue if he didn’t agree with the decisions.

“He had his own way about things,” said the coach. “If he didn’t agree with the philosophy, he was going to do his own thing. In coaching, you always hope the player will at least try the coach’s way. Most coaches will see they’re trying to execute, and if it’s not working, they change it. Kyrie is like, if this isn’t going to work, I’m not going to do it.”

kevin durant kyrie irving

GettyL: Kyrie Irving R: Kevin Durant

For people who have been following Irving’s career, this might not be all that shocking considered how he flamed out in both Cleveland and Boston. The end result of all this is he’s a player that teams are wary about.

“He’s a max player, who people would not give up assets you’d traditionally give up,” an NBA executive told HoopsHype. “There’s so much risk associated with him that I think most teams wouldn’t pay in a trade what you’d expect someone to pay given his skill level when he’s at his best.”

Part of this could be a reason that a lowball trade could be the move for getting rid of him, despite the talent he provides.

Is a Trade Possible?


Despite all of this, it’s impossible to close the door entirely on a potential trade. Kyrie Irving is still a generational talent and he could greatly shift the championship odds of any team he goes on.

His talent has never been in question, but his commitment is more of the issue. With him being a bit of a wild card this season, it’s tough to see an contending team try to secure his talents, so it’s seeming more and more likely that the Nets will decide to hang onto him.

The team can always hope for a shift in New York City’s vaccine mandate which would allow Irving to play, but even that seems like a Hail Mary at this point.

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