LeBron James Associate Rips Kyrie Irving as Celtics Roll to NBA Finals

Kyrie Irving and Lebron James

Getty LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers and Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets.

Cuffs the Legend is a well-known associate of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James and recently has become an extremely popular follow on social media. His connection with the 4-time Most Valuable Player dates back to LeBron’s time with the Cavaliers, as he previously was a hoops trainer in the Cleveland area.

When the Boston Celtics advanced to the NBA Finals following their Game 7 win over the Miami Heat, Cuffs had a message for Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving. Pertaining to his decision to part ways with the Celtics to join the Nets in 2019.

“Kyrie was hoopin with Tatum and Brown and wanted out,” Cuffs said per his Twitter account on May 29.

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Cuffs Sounds off on Kyrie Irving Media Criticism

Kyrie has a unique personality, to say the least. But the uniqueness of his demeanor often leads to harsh criticisms by others in the media. Cuffs said the reason that media members can be so hard on Kyrie is because of his other-worldly talent.

“They give Kyrie Irving a hard time because he’s so f**king talented, man,” Cuffs said of Kyrie on the “Scoop B Radio”Podcast.

“It’s like the Chris Brown thing. You know how talented Chris Brown is and you remember when he went through his crackhead phase right before our eyes? It’s like, damn man, stop doing drugs and make the music and give the people what they want! Show us your talent! And with Kyrie Irving, I think we as fans want to see his talent. Stop all the bull jive. Just play basketball.”

Cuffs Speaks Out on His Social Media Interactions

Cuffs has become one of the most outspoken personalities on social media as of late. During a 2021 appearance on Scoop B Radio, with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of Bally Sports Network, Cuffs detailed why he does what he does on social media.

“It was happening in Miami. It was happening on the original Cleveland Cavs team stint and also in the second Cleveland Cavs stint. I’ve been seeing the trolls on Twitter and I became this polarizing figure I guess – if you want to say that,” Cuffs told Scoop B.

“It happened early 2009 when Twitter first started. I mean, I was dealing with it when everybody had like, 25 followers; like I was dealing with it then, with people coming at me. So, it’s weird energy that people have with me sometimes, but I get more love than I get hate so, we’re going to keep it rocking, you know?”

The Celtics and Golden State Warriors will meet up in the 2022 NBA Finals. Because these are the former teams of Kyrie and Kevin Durant, the two stars are sure to receive criticism as both of their teams are four wins away from writing their names in history.

But is the success of the star duo’s former teams an indictment of Kyrie and KD’s legacies? It depends on which lens you view the situation from. On one hand, you can view it as their teams have had more success without them on the roster. On the other hand, you can be impressed with their ability to shine on such talented rosters. Either way, it was fun to watch.

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