Nets Have ‘Discussed’ Signing 8-Time All-Star Center: Report

Dwight Howard

Getty Dwight Howard #39 of the Los Angeles Lakers dunks the ball against the Golden State Warriors in the first half at Chase Center

The Brooklyn Nets and Dwight Howard have been linked in rumors all the way back to July when NBA Insider Brandon “ScoopB” Robinson reported that he had spoken to Dwight directly and confirmed that there is mutual interest. “I reached out to Dwight (Howard) directly, and I’ll tell you that there is mutual interest between him and the Brooklyn Nets,” Robinson said on Spotify Live. While the Nets have noted interest in Howard, Nets general manager expressed a desire to give the Nets’ young big men, Nic Claxton and Day’Ron Sharpe, a chance to prove themselves first. 

“I’m looking forward to seeing Nic and Day’Ron out there,” Marks said. “And see what they can do. They put in the time on the court with our coaching staff this summer and really put in long hours. If you noticed, their bodies have changed and matured. … At the end of the day, I’m excited to give Nic and Day’Ron a shot out there and see how they perform.”

Recent Confirmed Dwight Howard Interest

While the talks for Dwight Howards started in July, they have continued all the way up until today. On a recent podcast appearance, Brandon “ScoopB” Robinson again named the Nets as a team interested in free agent Carmelo Anthony. When he shared the clip to his Twitter, he was asked if there was any chance that the Nets would again look into Howard. He confirmed in his reply that it has been discussed at Nets headquarters. 

“Dwight’s name has been discussed at HQ I’m told. Dwight’s expressed that he’d like to join,” Robinson shared via Twitter

After one game for the Nets, it was clear that having another big man could benefit them in the long run after being outrebounded by the New Orleans Pelicans 61-39. While Claxton and Sharpe have shown promise, having another skilled veteran is a visible need for this team. Steve Nash has said that Markieff Morris is a center, but let’s not lie to ourselves. While he is a tough, hard-nosed big man, he isn’t an answer at center either. 

Dwight Howard on Free Agency

Dwight Howard recently spoke about his current free agency on the recent episode of the ‘All The Smoke Podcast’ with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson after being asked what his plans were heading into next season. 

“Well, I want to play. Like I enjoy the game. I want to play, but at the same time, there are like no teams who will really allow me to play. That’s how I’ve been feeling from the last situation with the Lakers. You know, I feel like I did enough to help them win a championship to really deserve a spot on the team and a chance to start and get big minutes. It didn’t happen, so after that, I was like, ‘Man, I don’t want to have to bust my ass for another whole summer, training three-a-days, going crazy dieting to do all of this sh*t and then get back to a team and sit on the bench,'” Howard said. “I can really help somebody win and still play. Like, I ain’t lost a beat. It’s just that I sit on the bench, so people don’t see that. Team’s don’t see that, you know, and it’s been like, ‘damn, do I want to just call it quits and do some other stuff? Or go back at it and show people I still got it…’ But Hell, I want to go out on top, for real. Because I’ve still got it. I still can hoop.”  


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