‘Massive Screw Up by Dolan’: Analyst Details How Nets Become NY’s Team

Kyrie Irving

Getty Nets' guard Kyrie Irving drives by Knicks guard Elfrid Payton.

For quite some time the Knicks were the main attraction when it came to New York sports. Now with the arrival of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn, some have begun to wonder if they are even the most relevant basketball team in the city.

Kyrie and KD have shown that the future is bright in Brooklyn but what will it take for the Nets to take the title of New York’s Team from the Knicks? Something massive according to one New York Daily News Reporter.

Only Dolan Can Stop The Knicks

“Something massive on the part of James Dolan,” this is how New York Daily News reporter Kristian Winfield described what it would take for the Nets to become New York’s team. “Like a huge problem on Dolan’s part and then refusing to sell the team. Like it has to be like, I hope everybody in this city gets the Coronavirus or something like that. Something crazy the way you can no longer support James Dolan.”

Winfield who has been a reporter for the Daily News since 2019 is a Brooklyn native but grew up a Knicks fan. As someone who knows the ins and outs of the city, Winfield acknowledges the Nets ascension but understands the New York still belongs to the Knicks. “Part of what makes the Knicks so special is that Madison Square Garden is so beautiful and so fun is that there’s just a natural electricity in that arena,” says Winfield.

Nets Can Still Become New York’s Team

While Winfield understands that it would indeed take a massive scandal for the Nets to take the front seat in New York, he still acknowledges that the door is still open based on the Nets’ current roster. “For the Nets to become team number one in New York they would have to run the table,” says Winfield. “You got to run the table and either win two out of three titles or win all three in this in this time span.”

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