Brooklyn Nets Urged to Sign Coveted 3-and-D Forward

robert covington

Getty Robert Covington will have plenty of suitors.

The Brooklyn Nets are gearing up for a championship run now that Kyrie Irving has joined the team full time.

While Ben Simmons hasn’t been cleared to play and he’s still out for the foreseeable future, Kevin Durant and Irving are more than enough to hold down the fort, at least in the opening round.

If the team continues to advance in the playoffs, the services of Simmons will be greatly missed, so the Nets will be relying on other players to step up to the plate.

It’s no secret the Nets don’t exactly have the best depth in the world, which could a reason why fans are calling for the team to pursue coveted 3-and-D forward Robert Covington in the offseason.

Covington to the Nets

robert covington

GettyCovington has bounced around the league.

A name like Robert Covington would be sought after by many teams, and at this stage in his career it’s highly likely he’ll be looking to sign with a championship contender.

At full strength, the Clippers are certainly considered to be in the running, but spending a whole year without Kawhi Leonard does leave some big question marks about who he will be when he returns.

If Covington does leave the Clippers, Reddit user ShinyChromeBadger made a strong case on why the Nets should pursue him.

“Need is an overstatement, but Covington would complement this team incredibly well,” they wrote. “I believe he is the final piece in perfecting this roster.”

Considering Covington is known for his defense, he would have the ability to defend many positions, which is something that’s very important in today’s NBA. Although he’s not exactly an offensive powerhouse, he could chip in with some scoring when Durant goes to the bench.

“A big issue we have is that when KD comes off the court, we have no one that can even replicate a fraction of his offense at the 4 spot,” writes the user. “James Johnson can’t score from anywhere, but the rim. Kessler Edwards is a rookie and just can’t be relied upon at this point in his career. Covington feels like a combination of the best traits of Kessler and JJ. He’s a vet we can rely when KD is off the court. He brings a solid balance of offense, defense, and experience that we just don’t have behind KD at the 4”

When playing alongside Durant and Irving, Covington would also be somebody who can hit open shots, and that would make his value even higher. However, something that’s holding the Nets back from making a move like this is cap space.

Can They Afford It?

Robert Covington Knicks-Blazers

GettyThe Clippers landed Covington from the Blazers.

Covington will be coming off a four-year, $46 million deal which means he was on a very friendly contract for what he could offer and he could be looking for a raise.

The problem for the Nets is that they can’t offer a ton of money to anybody in the offseason due to the contracts for Irving, Durant and Ben Simmons. If they could convince Covington to sign for the veteran minimum then things would work out, but that’s highly unlikely.

Another factor working against them is the fact that the Clippers traded for him specifically, so it’s likely that they have every intention of resigning him to a long-term deal in the offseason. These reasons might put Covington out of reach, but it’s not enough to slam the door on the possibility for good.

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