Nets, Ben Simmons Trolled in Elite Fashion in ‘off to Cancun’ Viral Video

ben simmons

Getty Ben Simmons is not having a good time.

It’s no secret the Brooklyn Nets have been the butt of several jokes since being swept by the Boston Celtics in the playoffs, and this latest viral video is just another example of that.

This latest criticism might be something that even Nets fans get a chuckle from. Traditionally the NBA on TNT crew does some sort of send off to teams who get eliminated from the playoffs, and that didn’t change with the Nets.

As the first team eliminated from the playoffs, the TNT guys had free reign over what they could do, and they decided to go with a popular clip from The Office.

In the regular video from the hit comedy series, The Office characters were all on a bus signing a song when they stopped to pick up a person who wanted on. That character ends up being Creed, who explains he’s playing hooky from work to the driver who happens to be Dwight.

For the TNT video, that passenger playing hooky ended up being Ben Simmons, which made the joke land even better.

Nets Take a Trip

The 37 second video is worth a watch for anybody, and even if you’re not a fan of The Office, it’ll still land.

When teams are eliminated, a joke is often made that they immediately book trips to Cancun in an effort to get started on their vacation quick. It doesn’t take long for people to start getting their jokes off about that, and it often comes before the series is even finished.

Skip Bayless tweeted about Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant joining LeBron there back on April 20.

Going into next year, the Nets will more that likely have Ben Simmons back in the lineup, so they’ll be able to get a better idea of how this new Big 3 can lead the team. It’s no secret that this season was a rough one filled with uncertainty, but with all of that behind them they can finally start playing ball.

What Moves Will They Make?

kevin durant kyrie irving

GettyCan this duo win a championship?

As of right now it doesn’t look like the Nets are going to make any chances at head coach, even if there are fans calling for it.

Andre Drummond was sort of pushed out of the rotation in the playoffs before eventually being replaced completely by Blake Griffin, so he seems like a good candidate to leave in the offseason.

Griffin, while solid in the limited minutes he played, is well past his prime at this point and Brooklyn might want to get some more athleticism at the position. Something that’s tough for the team is finding valuable players for cheap because Irving, Durant and Simmons all command a massive salary.

They will have to bank on the allure of playing alongside two of the best players in the NBA instead of big paychecks, so perhaps they could get some talent that way. Whatever the case may be, it’ll be an important offseason for the Nets as they have some clear holes that need to be addressed. For now they can enjoy Cancun.

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