Bills Legend Takeo Spikes Puts Team on Blast for His Treatment at Game

Takeo Spikes

Getty Takeo Spikes enters the stadium prior to a Buffalo Bills game.

The Buffalo Bills honored former linebacker Takeo Spikes as their “Legend of the Game” before the September 17 game against the Las Vegas Raiders, but Spikes wasn’t exactly feeling the love during the game.

After he was honored on the field prior to kickoff in the 38-10 win over the Raiders, Spikes moved to a luxury booth where he was less than enamored with the view. The former Pro Bowl linebacker took to social media to share his feelings, with many fans sharing in his disappointment.

Bills Put Takeo Spikes ‘In Timeout’

Spikes offered congratulations to the team in a postgame message shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, but also said he felt slighted by the view the team gave him during the game. In a picture shared in the post, Spikes showed the obstructed view he had from the luxury booth, with a large portion of the upper deck of the stadium obstructing his view of the field.

The view was so bad that Spike said he ended up leaving the game early.

“Congrats to @BuffaloBills for getting a dominant win in home opener,” Spikes wrote. “I wish I could’ve stayed for the entire game but seating accomodations were NOT the standard. How you gonna have the @NFLLegends supporting with this obstructed sample size of a view!? Felt like I was in timeout.”

Many fans shared their regrets with Spikes, hoping that the team would do something to remedy the situation.

“That’s messed up. Sorry man! Hope they make it up to you,” wrote the Air Raid account, which runs a Bills podcast.

Others joined in calling out the team, with some saying they were embarrassed at how a popular former player was treated.

“Seriously BILLS? He should have at least gotten a suite! Takeo, next time you’re in town come to section 202 and you’ll be treated like the king you are,” a fan wrote.

Takeo Spikes Spoke Highly of Team

When the Bills announced this week that Spikes would be honored as their “Legend of the Game,” the former linebacker had nothing but good memories of his time in Buffalo. Spikes spent four of his 15 NFL seasons in Buffalo, making the Pro Bowl in both 2003 and 2004.

“I remember the first day that I walked into the Bills’ stadium for the season opener, and that was a magical day for me that I will never forget,” Spikes said. “What other better way to start than to come home and get the first win at home.”

Spikes was popular among fans, even prior to his signing with the team. In the 2002 season finale, Bills fans chanted for Spikes, then a member of the Cincinnati Bengals, in the hopes that he would consider coming to Buffalo once he hit free agency.

Spikes said earlier this week that he still felt a strong connection to the city and the franchise, saying he is proud to still be friends with many of his former teammates.

“What stands out to me is the fellowship, the camaraderie, the relationships that I developed with all of the guys on the team,” Spikes said. “I’m still close with all of those guys in that locker room, that’s something that I’m most proud of.”

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