Bills Rumors: Buffalo Named Contender to Trade for WR Davante Adams

Davante Adams, Raiders receiver

Getty Davante Adams, Raiders receiver

The Buffalo Bills could have one more big move in them to add to their air attack and solidify their Super Bowl aspirations, one insider speculates.

The Bills have found a solid No. 2 receiver in Gabe Davis, but Bleacher Report’s Ryan Fowler believes they could still be interested in another home-run options next to All-Pro Stefon Diggs. Fowler named the Bills as one of seven teams that could be interested in a trade for Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams, who could become a casualty of the team’s expected rebuild and has shown some public animosity about the team’s 1-2 start.

Though there may be other, stronger contenders to trade for Adams, Fowler wrote that the Bills could be interested if the price is right.

Davante Adams Could Help Bills Get ‘Over the Hump’

Fowler speculated that Adams could be the missing piece that helps the Bills finally get into the Super Bowl. He noted that Adams would be a major upgrade over Davis at No. 2, giving the Bills an air attack that would be difficult for opposing defenses to stop.

“Pairing Adams with Stefon Diggs would keep opposing defensive coordinators up late into the night,” Fowler wrote.

“Gabe Davis is a fine second option to the All-Pro in Diggs, but Adams is an entirely different caliber of player who would elevate an already electric Buffalo offense.”

Fowler added that it would be tricky for the Bills to add Adams as they are expected to be over the salary cap in 2024, but noted that they have not invested much in their wide receiver room and it could be worth finding a way to afford Adams.

Adams has been putting some public pressure on the Raiders, saying week that he is tired of waiting for the team to turn things around.

“I don’t got time to wait around. … It’s not a personal thing,” Adams said, via the New York Post. “I mean it is a personal thing, but it ain’t just about me. It’s not my mentality to sit here and try to take all season to figure it out. You use these early games like this to establish our identity. We’re not doing the things the right way to establish a winning culture early in the season, so we gotta do something to turn that around.”

If the Raiders continue to lose and fall further out of playoff contention, the trade rumors surrounding Adams could continue to grow.

Bad Blood With Bills

Bringing Adams to Buffalo could be difficult for another reason. Adams was hurt in the Bills’ 38-10 win over the Raiders on September 17, going into concussion protocol after a late fourth-quarter hit from Taylor Rapp.

After the game, Adams took aim at Rapp for the hit.

“Was it unnecessary? Completely, obviously,” Adams said, via USA Today.

“Certain players play a certain way too. Some people, out of control, they fly around, they don’t really have much true purpose out there. I mean, playing a half field on one side, you run over and hit somebody in the head on the other side of the field,” Adams added.

Rapp ended up being fined for the hit.

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