Bills WR Stefon Diggs Shares Love for Josh Allen: ‘Like Family’

Stefon Diggs Josh Allen

Getty Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen celebrate a play in a Buffalo Bills game.

For Stefon Diggs, the chemistry with Josh Allen is just as strong off the field as it is on it.

The Buffalo Bills wide receiver opened up this week about the connection he’s developed with the Pro Bowl quarterback, sharing some major love for Allen. The two have been one of the NFL’s most lethal duos over the earlier part of this season, connecting for 270 yards and four touchdowns through just two games so far.

Diggs Shares Love for Allen

Diggs opened up about his connection with Allen in an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, saying he knew right away that the two would get along great.

“Like family. That’s my guy. I’m trying to get some Christmas cards with us on it,” Diggs said of Allen. “He’s a hell of a quarterback. Since I met him, it kinda clicked. You don’t click with everybody. That’s somebody I felt like, damn, I could grow old with you. I can see myself with you for a while.”

The two shared a strong connection from the moment they stepped onto the field together. In his first season with the Bills in 2020, Diggs led the NFL in receptions (127) and yards (1,535) while earning All-Pro honors. The two have combined for 22 total touchdowns through 25 games.

Diggs noted that early on during their time together, Allen gave him some simple instructions to be a successful receiver.

“He said, ‘Your job is to get open and catch the ball. That’s what I need from you.’ He didn’t give me any specifics,” Diggs said. “And that’s something. I trust my quarterback. … That’s how you build that relationship.”

Chemistry Pays Off for Bills Duo

After Buffalo’s big win against the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football, Allen said the two have been working on their chemistry to the point that they know exactly what the other will be doing on the field.

“We trust each other, we communicate a lot, obviously going into Year 3 with him, I’m very comfortable with his body language, he’s comfortable with me putting the ball where I put it, and he continues to make plays for us. And we’re gonna need those plays moving forward,” Allen said after the team’s 41-7 win over the Titans on September 19 , via

One play in the season opener showcased the connection between the two. Facing an aggressive Los Angeles Rams defense, Allen sensed an opening and told Diggs to deviate from his pre-planned route.

“Just run,” Diggs said, recalling what Allen told him as they came out of the huddle. “So the one thing I’ve learned is, do what the quarterback tells you.”

Allen’s instinct paid off. Diggs sprinted through an opening in the Rams’ secondary and Allen found him open for a 53-yard touchdown to put the Bills up 31-10. After the game, Diggs said the play is a great example of how much more sophisticated the connection has grown between receiver and quarterback through their two-plus seasons together.

“In that first year, everybody was about how things clicked so fast. It was just guys playing football,” Diggs said.

“But now at this point, we’re not just playing football,” he added. “He kind of can anticipate and I can anticipate what he’s thinking.”

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