Twitter Drags Brian Daboll’s Suit at First Giants’ Press Conference

Brian Daboll giants

Getty Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll of the Buffalo Bills looks on prior to the AFC Divisional Playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on January 23, 2022 in Kansas City, Missouri.

There are few more respected coaches in the NFL than former Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. When the 47-year-old left on January 28 to become the new head coach for the New York Giants, the amount of devastation and love expressed by the Bills’ players, staff, and fans spoke volumes of his character.

However, the beloved and highly-respected coach was playfully dragged on Twitter for the suit he chose to wear during his first official press conference as the Giants’ head coach on January 31.

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The Giants’ Twitter account first shared a video of Daboll stepping out of a large blue truck and entering MetLife Stadium for the first time. “Here comes coach,” the Giants account tweeted, to which one person responded, “Like the truck….suit gave me People’s Court vibes.”

After which, someone hilariously dubbed the popular court show’s theme song to Daboll’s entrance video.

Many people’s comments were focused on the quality of the video. “This is the most awkward thing I’ve ever seen,” one person wrote, while another man commented, “Staged so horribly… 1. You don’t wear a suit coat while driving, 2. Why would you park there, 3. your facility looks like everyone’s high school.”

The Ill-Timed Photo the Giants Chose to Tweet of Daboll’s Entry Only Further Fueled the Suit Comments

While the Giants’ intro video was razzed on Twitter, after the team’s account posted a still photo of Daboll walking into MetLife Stadium — a picture that must’ve been snapped at the exact moment a gust of wind blew by, all tweets were focused on Daboll’s suit choice.

“Nice pants, did he jump out of a plane over the stadium?” one person tweeted, while MLB analyst Ryan M. Spaeder commented, Hey Siri, show me Men’s Warehouse off the rack.

Daboll’s suit was compared to Kingpin from the Spiderman films, while another person begged, “Get my dude a tailor good grief.”

One man tweeted, “good things coaches don’t wear suits 99.9% of the time.”

Numerous fans, however, loved that Daboll looked uncomfortable in a suit. “Brian Daboll just isn’t a suit guy, but that’s a good thing. A head coach shouldn’t be a suit guy,” one man tweeted, while one woman was completely unfazed by his outfit. “He’s so stinkin cute,” she tweeted.

One suit choice that was beloved by fans, the one worn by Daboll’s four-year-old son, Luke Daboll.

Daboll’s wife, Beth Daboll, and his six children were all in attendance for his first presser as the Giants’ 22nd head coach.

Daboll Revealed His Honest Thoughts on Giants QB Daniel Jones During His First Press Conference

Shifting from coaching superstar quarterback Josh Allen to Daniel Jones is quite a jump, but during his press conference on Monday, Daboll exuded confidence that he can transform the former first-round pick from the 2019 NFL Draft.

Daboll also noted that he doesn’t think it’s “fair to compare him to another guy that I was working with,” as he was able to start working with Allen since the quarterback’s rookie year, and he’s starting with Jones during his fourth year in the league.

“He’s himself,” Daboll said of Jones. “We’re gonna find out what he does well. We’re gonna try to implement a system that suits him. And then it’s our job to bring pieces in that help him to be the best version of himself and the best quarterback for us.”

“He’s got the right mindset, he’s got good size, there’s a lot of things to like about Daniel,” Daboll continued. “We’ll just take it one day at a time. We’ll work with him, help him get better… It takes a lot to raise a quarterback. He’s been around the block through these last three years with some different pieces. We’re going to try to give him some stability and just take it from there.”

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