Bears Draft Update: Colts Owner Tips Hand Towards Top QB

Alabama Quarterback Bryce Young

Getty Bryce Young #9 of the Alabama Crimson Tide

As the Chicago Bears prepare to field offers for the number one pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, one of their primary suitors may have just revealed their hand. In a recent press conference to introduce newly hired Head Coach Shane Steichen, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay addressed the organization’s intentions headed into the draft. 

“We’re not hiding, you know no one can shy away from the fact what quarterback means in this league and how we have to look going forward where Shane [Steichen] and Chris [Ballard, Colt’s GM] really you know dig into this draft and really see where you’re at. Do you stay put? Do you trade up? You know there’s many things you can do. They [Philadelphia Eagles] took Jalen [Hurts] in the second round so yeah, a trade back so he [Ballard] likes picks. Although the Alabama guy [Bryce Young] doesn’t look bad I tell you, but it’ll be it’ll be exciting, and I think that shows that we have talent here for those games so we’re looking forward to Shane really coming in utilizing that talent.”

The Colt’s Sights Are Set

“The Alabama guy” Irsay is referring to is none other than quarterback Bryce Young. Young could be a perfect fit in Steichen’s system. The former Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator is well known for his development of young quarterbacks, and Irsay sees his new head coach continuing that trend with the Colts.

“You just felt that Shane had a lot of that offensive magic, which is hard to find in this league. Offense, in my mind, can be a little more complex. It takes a lot more time to develop, knowing we’re going to have to find a young quarterback to develop, that’s a key factor.”

Irsay’s candor has many insiders speculating that the Colts may be prepared to offer up a significant haul to move up and get their guy. The Colts currently are set to pick fourth, however a move up to the number one spot would assure them the chance to draft their preferred player. The mercurial Irsay’s comments may now necessitate a jump-up, as there are many quarterback-needy teams headed into the draft. As Young is expected to be one of the first quarterback’s off the board, you can expect the Colts to have competition from other teams.

Irsay Lays His Cards on The Table

Irsay isn’t being coy about his intentions, the Colts owner doubled down, posting about his longstanding “relationship” with the Chicago Bears organization.


Naming a player of interest this early in the process is not a traditional draft strategy, as most teams are tight-lipped headed into the draft. Irsay’s declaration could be a boon for the Bears, and it looks like the price for the first overall pick is going up. It is rumored that Chicago is seeing multiple trade offers as their front office continues to rebuild the roster around Justin Fields coming off a breakout season.

The NFL Draft is set to take place outside Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri, on April 27-29, 2023.


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3 months ago

Jim…Just give Derek Carr a call. The Alabama QB is coming to Chicago!

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