Russell Wilson Names Bears as Desired Trade Partner

Russel Wilson Bears

Getty Quarterback Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks

The offseason for GM Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears just got a lot more interesting. Amid rumors flying around the league that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is unhappy with the way things are going in Seattle, top NFL insider Adam Schefter sent out a Tweet that set Bears Twitter on fire in a matter of seconds. According to Schefter, if the Seahawks were going to trade him — and there are no current plans to do so — Wilson has named only four acceptable destinations: Dallas, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and yes, Chicago.

While Schefter and Wilson’s agent Mark Rodgers, who confirmed each of the possible trade partners to ESPN, both stressed that Wilson has not asked for a trade yet, the fact that his agent is publicly discussing other teams in the league Wilson wouldn’t mind suiting up for — one of which is the Bears — is arguably the best news the team has received on the quarterback front in recent memory.

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The Door is Wide Open for Ryan Pace

The lack of solid quarterback play in Chicago over the years has been discussed to death — it’s no secret to anyone how badly the Bears need a franchise quarterback. While Chicago doesn’t have the same draft capital as the Raiders or the Cowboys, they have a few solid pieces on offense: David Montgomery, Darnell Mooney, Tarik Cohen, and Allen Robinson if he stays — and he’d certainly be more likely to want to stick around in Chicago if a signal0-caller the caliber of Wilson rode into town.

Pace and the Bears are equipped with the 20th overall pick in the first round this year, which isn’t ideal, so they would have to send multiple future first-rounders in addition to more players or draft capital in order to snag Wilson. The 32-year old quarterback was drafted by the Seahawks in the third round (75th overall) in 2012, and the eight-time Pro Bowler has gone to two Super Bowls, winning one.

Tension has been building between Wilson and Seattle for weeks now, per ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, and a trade is rumored to be getting more likely by the day.

Wilson has become increasingly upset by the team’s offensive line play, and a report by The Athletic stated Wilson walked out of a team meeting last season after he grew frustrated his opinions about how to improve the offense fell on deaf ears. Clearly, all is not well in Seattle — and Bears Twitter was ready and waiting for Wilson with open arms when the news of his interest in Chicago broke.

Tarik Cohen, Bears Twitter Recruits Wilson

Upon hearing Chicago was one of four teams Wilson would like to play for in the event a trade does happen, Bears running back Tarik Cohen immediately got on the recruitment train:

Bears Twitter also lost its collective mind at the thought of Wilson in a Bears jersey:

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Wilson has a no-trade clause, which gives him a say in where he’s traded — if he should be traded, and it’s still a big ‘if.’ But having Chicago mentioned as a top destination for one of the league’s elite quarterbacks isn’t something Bears fans hear very often, and if Pace and company are smart, they’re already putting trade packages together.

One astute analyst, Robert Schmitz of Windy City Gridiron, pointed out that though theoretical at this point, IF a trade did go down, a few of Wilson’s other preferred teams (Cowboys and Raiders) have quarterbacks who could become more realistic options for Chicago than they are currently, so a Wilson trade would be good news all around for the Bears in the quarterback department. If it happens, of course.


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