Incoming Bulls Vet Looks Absolutely Shredded in Viral Snap

Goran Dragic Bulls-Heat

Getty Goran Dragic handles the ball during a 2018 game between the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls.

While they did well to add a pair of battle-tested vets in Goran Dragic and Andre Drummond to their mix, the Chicago Bulls weren’t given particularly high marks for their offseason exploits.

For his part, ESPN‘s Kevin Pelton landed on a C+ when evaluating the club’s efforts — the third-worst mark in the entire Eastern Conference. In his write-up, the stat guru opined that the offseason plan that was executed by Chicago “leaves us wanting more.”

Nevertheless, the aforementioned additions feel like the machinations of a team that has shifted its focus from making the playoffs to actually making noise once they get there. And when one considers the looming uncertainty surrounding Lonzo Ball’s left knee, the Dragic acquisition almost feels like a stroke of genius.

Whether a 36-year-old Dragic can actually keep the Bulls’ boat afloat remains to be seen. One thing is certain, though — he’s gone all-out in preparing his body for whatever extra load he’ll be asked to shoulder.

Dragic Is an Absolute Thirst Trap in His IG Update

On Wednesday, Dragic updated his Instagram timeline with a picture of himself (embedded above) taking a stroll in the hallway of his hotel following Slovenia’s 88-82 win over France in EuroBasket play. In the caption, the Bulls guard noted that he was able to play nearly 40 minutes in the game as an old-timer.

He played well in those minutes, too, scoring 14 points and adding four rebounds, four assists and two steals.

The bigger story here, though, is Dragic’s appearance. The former Miami Heat All-Star was shirtless and looking about as jacked as a person can possibly be in the pic, sporting abs that look like they were crafted for a video-game protagonist or a superhero.

With total objectivity, we can say that the Slovenian sharpshooter looks just as ready for the Mr. Universe competition as he does for the NBA hardwood.

In response to Dragic’s post, Bulls fans and supporters of the South Beach crew alike were left swooning over what they had seen.

Dragic’s Selfie Is Making Miami Fans Sad

As of this writing, 500-plus comments have been left in response to Dragic’s IG post — which has also racked up 35,000-plus likes on the platform. Needless to say, the fire emojis were free-flowing from the Windy City faithful and the Heat Nation denizens alike.

Meanwhile, over on Reddit, a handful of Heat fans lamented the value that Dragic could be adding to the team’s roster right now had he somehow found his way back to Miami.

“Need a quick few buckets? [Dragic] can get them. Need to jump start the offense? PnR to get rhythm going,” commented one Heat fan. “He doesn’t do anything out of this world or flashy. Just does the job well all the time. He’s a great dude with a great attitude. Exactly what one would want on their team.”

“The thought of him wearing a Bulls Jersey is making me have PTSD,” wrote another Redditor.

“100% could’ve filled in for Lowry and Herro, could’ve been a spark plug off the bench and would’ve given us that much missing three point shooting,” a third comment read. “I think it was a mistake not signing him.”

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