Zach LaVine Has Scary Compliment For Heat Star and Potential Recruiter

Getty Zach LaVine

It seems like Zach LaVine wants to sign with the Chicago Bulls and be a part of the team’s future. He’s said as much in recent days while playing exhibition games with Team USA as the squad is ready to head to Tokyo for the Olympics after their final tune-up against Spain on Saturday.

Meanwhile, LaVine is making new friends and seemingly bonding with some of his fellow star teammates. One of which plays for a team that figures to come after the Bulls’ star if and when he hits free agency after the 2021-22 season.

Zach LaVine Has a Sincere Appreciation of Bam Adebayo’s Game

During a meeting with the media, LaVine had nothing but glowing compliments for Miami Heat star Bam Adebayo.

LaVine said this of the Heat big man:

“He does so much for his team. He’s a big man that can facilitate, that can score, he can defend everybody.”

It sounds as if LaVine loves having Adebayo as a teammate, and he is undoubtedly experiencing something he has never felt while playing for the Bulls. That’s the benefit of playing with a truly elite defensive big man who not only erases perimeter mistakes, but who can also guard on the perimeter, handle the ball and score.

Should the Bulls and their fans be worried about LaVine looking at the Heat or perhaps listening to a pitch from Adebayo to join him after next season?

Probably not yet, but if the Bulls start the season slowly, what happens then?

LaVine jumping to Miami could be a real and scary thought for the Bulls, and the rest of the league.

The Heat, with their winning tradition, outstanding coach, beautiful weather and fun-filled city is always a threat to lock in valuable free agents, and to steal them from their original teams.

You don’t have to tell the Bulls anything about the threat the Heat can be in a bidding war for free agents. Back in 2010, three guys named LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh turned down the Bulls and took their talents to South Beach, thereby changing the NBA landscape.

LaVine May Be the Recruiter

While an organization like the Bulls and its fanbase may be quick to worry about their best players jumping ship in free agency, there is a chance LaVine could be the guy recruiting.

If he is 100% committed to signing a long-term extension with Chicago, then he probably isn’t listening to anyone in his ear trying to facilitate an exit from the Windy City.

Chances are, Adebayo isn’t one of the guys LaVine could convince to join him. Leaving Miami is always tough, unless there is some underlying factor like James’ desire to go home to handle unfinished business with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Nothing similar is present with Adebayo, and most importantly, he just signed a five-year, $163 million extension to remain with the Heat through the 2025-26 season.

It’s difficult to imagine Adebayo wanting out of Miami, and it is even tougher to think of him wanting to play in Chicago over South Beach.

Hopefully, LaVine can bend the ear of a more gettable, but still valuable potential asset for the Bulls.

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