Shocking Zach LaVine Deal Predicted By NBA Analyst

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All signs seem to point to the Chicago Bulls and Zach LaVine agreeing to a max-contract deal during the offseason. LaVine seems committed to re-upping with the Bulls who have gone to great lengths to put talent around him. While the Bulls have fallen on hard times the past month, it still appears the two sides are heading for a long-term agreement.

However, not everyone is so sure LaVine is long for the Windy City. Sports Illustrated’s Dalton Trigg, the Editor and Chief for the publication’s hints there could be a blockbuster deal on the way that lands LaVine in the Lonestar state.

Would Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley shift gears like this?

Why LaVine to the Mavericks Could Happen

We may look at a potential shift in the mindset of Bulls management as the main engine behind a potential LaVine sign-and-trade deal, but the star guard’s desires shouldn’t be ignored.

He has repeatedly said he wants to stay in Chicago, but we’ve seen players change their minds in these situations more times than we can count in the NBA. LaVine’s recent shoe deal with New Balance has helped to put one of his primary financial ducks in a row. Where he’s going to spend the next four or five seasons of his NBA career is likely the next thing to figure out.

Does LaVine believe he can win and evolve into a megastar in Chicago? If the answer to either part of that compound question is no, there is a chance LaVine could want out.

As a show of loyalty to the organization, LaVine might be willing to participate in a sign-and-trade deal rather than have the Bulls lose him for nothing.

The Bulls seem pleased with LaVine as one of the faces of their franchise, but they must quickly determine–if they haven’t already–if he is good enough to be the best player on a championship team. If the answer to that question is no, Chicago would be wise to strongly reconsider paying him a max salary.

As good as DeMar DeRozan has been this season, his window for remaining on this level is a short one. He will be 33 in August and there is no telling how long he can play like a more efficient Kobe Bryant–minus the perimeter defensive effort.

Within the next two years, the Bulls will have to look to LaVine as their best player while hoping Patrick Williams evolves into something close while also finding a way to fill Nikola Vucevic’s salary slot with another elite-level big.

When we look at what LaVine is right now (a dynamic scorer, inconsistent defender and questionable late-game finisher) there are some reasons to wonder about the Bulls’ long-term chances.

Why would the Mavericks want LaVine? That’s the easiest question to answer. They already have a young star whose skillset would mesh perfectly with LaVine.

Luka Doncic is a scoring and facilitating perimeter player whose style will set LaVine up more as a spot-up shooter. LaVine has connected on 45% of his catch-and-shoot threes this season. When you add that to what LaVine brings with his dribble-drive game, Doncic would have a near-ideal running mate to take some pressure off the Slovenian star.

Like the Bulls, the Mavs would benefit greatly from surrounding their two offensive stars with elite defenders. Still, you’d be crazy not to be excited about that duo in Big D.

Why the Bulls May Not Be Able to Risk Moving LaVine

Moving LaVine, even for a package that might consist of Spencer Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney-Smith, Dwight Powell and a 2022 first-round pick would not excite Bulls fans in the least bit.

The Bulls could then choose to move Nikola Vucevic, which is a concept that is seeming more necessary by the day, to add more scoring. However, even if the Bulls were able to turn a Vooch and Coby White trade into an exciting scorer, there is no guarantee they would find themselves in a much better situation.

If Chicago moves LaVine, the team needs to show immediate improvement from this season and the move needs to launch Chicago into serious contention.

It seems more likely the Bulls brass rides with LaVine and works like hell to find the right pieces to put around him.

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