Bulls’ Zach LaVine Works With ‘NBA Skills Guru’ on Notable Drill [LOOK]

Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls

Getty Zach Lavine #8 of the Chicago Bulls.

Among other things, the NBA offseason is the time for professional athletes to post workout videos to their social media feeds, and Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine is no different.

But it’s not as though the videos are insignificant, and LaVine’s latest exhibition shows him in the gym with “NBA Skills Guru” Jordan Lawley working on a particularly notable set of drills.

LaVine was making constant live reads off the catch.

LaVine, 28, is one of the best scorers in the NBA, capable of scoring efficiently from every level including above the rim. Critics have long lamented his decision-making, though, with the two-time All-Star, LaVine, sometimes getting stuck between shooting and dishing the rock.

If this drill serves to eliminate the bad passes and dribbling off of his foot simply by making him more decisive in his reads, the Bulls will be that much better off.

LaVine is regarded as a hard worker in the offseason.

He was already back to his old form by the end of last season following knee surgery over the summer, averaging 25.8 points on 62.8% true shooting from December 10 on during the regular season. But there were enough examples of his indecisiveness leading to missed opportunities that he drew the ire of the local media,

LaVine’s basketball IQ was noted as the reason head coach Billy Donovan defaulted to DeMar DeRozan down the stretch, sometimes leaving LaVine feeling left out.

“[LaVine]’s not a max player because of stuff like this,” 670 The Score’s Laurence Holmes said on “Bernstein & Holmes” on January 12. “The reason DeMar gets the ball at the end of the game is he has a higher basketball IQ. No, he’s not a perfect player. But I trust him to make the right decision.”

The Bulls gave LaVine a five-year, $215 million contract last offseason. But rumors of the Bulls exploring trade options have surfaced since then and have lingered.

LaVine has taken it all in stride.

“It’s always rumors. But I always heard where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” LaVine said via NBC Sports Bay Area on August 5. “And, every once in a while, you see a little too much smoke.”

Zach LaVine Ranked as Bulls’ 3rd Most Valuable Trade Asset

LaVine is heading into the second year of his contract. And despite him making 77 appearances last season – the most he’s made as a Bull and tied for the second-most of his career – doubts about his long-term health could hurt his value on the trade market.

There is more than $178 million remaining on his deal, and he has a $48.9 million player option for the 2026-27 season.

“There’s no doubt he’s the Bulls’ most talented scorer, and he seemingly would bring the biggest trade return,” wrote Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times on August 19. “But adding max contracts beyond this season won’t be easy — and it won’t be for everyone. That means fewer teams for the Bulls to negotiate with, and possibly less offered up.”

Bulls Have Maintained a High Asking Price

The Bulls are said to be asking for a substantial return for LaVine, to the point that their asking price was considered “giant” by potential suitors.

“One league source said the Bulls would be focused on getting a good young player, multiple first-round picks and salary filler if they decide to trade LaVine,” wrote NBC Sports Chicago Bulls insider K.C. Johnson on June 19. “Another said one first-round pick and an established, high-end player might be sufficiently intriguing.”

LaVine said he understands the business side of the NBA, even if he doesn’t “love” it.

“I always rep my city whichever team I’m playing for to the best,” LaVine said, per NBC Sports. “I don’t see anything happening anytime soon. But if it does, Chicago always has my love.”

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