Browns RB Nick Chubb Hints at Change for Next Season

Getty Images Browns running back Nick Chubb.

Nick Chubb has become known as the “Dark Knight” of the Cleveland Browns, showing off his affinity for Batman multiple times in the past as he racked up 1,000-yard seasons.

However, going forward Chubb might be channeling his inner Joker rather than Batman — a change for the reserved running back. Chubb hinted at the shift on social media, posting a picture of the Dark Knight’s nemesis.

So what does it mean? Only Chubb knows truly, but perhaps he’s aiming for an unrestrained brand of play on the field.

Chubb has established himself as one of the best running backs in the NFL, rushing for 3,557 yards and 28 touchdowns over his first three seasons. He narrowly missed out on the rushing title in 2019 and would have been in the running last year as well if not for missing four games with a knee injury. He’s added 72 catches for 577 yards and two touchdowns.

Chubb recently came in at No. 4 in an article in which ESPN surveyed more than 50 league executives, coaches, scouts and players.

“Best pure runner in football,” an NFC exec told ESPN. “I’d take him over Henry because he’s a little more explosive.”

Chubb Used Batman Mentality in Rehab

Chubb spoke to USA Today about Batman inspiring him during his rehab during college at Georgia. Chubb said it was specifically the scene where Bane — another Batman villain — breaks Batman’s back.

“I felt like that wall was what I went through getting out of rehab,” Chubb told USA Today. “I had to get up the wall and get free and get back to myself. All that just was so relatable to me during that time.

“I kind of used that as motivation to keep me up and keep me going because of how he came back from that. That’s how I attacked my rehab and my recovery from my injury.”

Chubb is soft-spoken and lets his play do the talking. He finds Batman as a relatable character.

“He’s human just like us, and if you were indestructible like Superman, would you fear anything? No, you wouldn’t. If you know you can’t die, you wouldn’t fear anything,” Chubb said. “But Batman, we can die, we’re mortal, and he still stands up and faces any challenge. He’s just a man, but he has courage.”

Chubb Wants to Stay in Cleveland

Chubb is on the final year of his rookie deal with the Browns and his extension is expected to be a priority for the team going forward. While team’s are usually reluctant to pay running backs because of the beating they take, Chubb has proven to be a player that is worth every penny and puts in the work year-round to be great.

On top of that, Chubb has committed to Cleveland and wants to stay with the team that drafted him.

“Cleveland is where I want to be,” Chubb said via Zoom before minicamp on June 15, mentioning that he believes talks have started between his agent and the Browns on an extension. “I hope everything can work out in that direction.”

Spotrac currently estimates the market value of Chubb to be around $12.1 million per year. That average salary would put him just behind Derrick Henry ($12.5 million) and just ahead of Joe Mixon ($12 million).

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