Panthers Receiver Sounds Off After Baker Mayfield Criticism

Baker Mayfield

Getty Images Browns QB Baker Mayfield.

Panthers receiver Robby Anderson made some waves this week with criticism of Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, who his team could be in the mix to land via trade as its next starter under center.

Anderson was vocal on social media that he doesn’t want Mayfield to be his quarterback, commenting “noooooo!” on a post discussing the trade rumors. Anderson appeared to clarify those comments a bit with some additional tweets about “keeping it real.”

“I ain’t with all that faking s–t I rather keep it real,” Anderson wrote, following it up with, “the problem with the world y’all take people lives as y’all entertainment and s–t for a joke when this my life my goals my dream silly a– people.”

While Anderson isn’t a fan of Mayfield, he should be considering the options currently available to the Panthers. Sam Darnold and PJ Walker are the quarterbacks currently on the roster, although it would appear that Carolina would go after a quarterback in the draft if they don’t trade for one.

Panthers ‘Most Likely’ Landing Spot for Mayfield

While Mayfield is coming off a down, injury-riddled season, he’s got some significant upside, having led the Browns to the playoffs two years ago.

Anderson had his own struggles last season, notching just 519 yards on 53 catches. He did notch a 1,000-yard season the year prior.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport listed the Panthers as the most likely destination for Mayfield.

“To me, the Carolina Panthers seem to be the most likely spot for Baker Mayfield, or maybe a team brings him in as a high-money backup, like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — that would make some sense to me,” Rapoport said while on the Pat McAfee Show.

Mayfield originally was eyeing the starting QB spot with the Colts but they filled that hole with veteran Matt Ryan via trade. The Seahawks have also been a team rumored to be circling the wagons on a trade for Mayfield, although they might be waiting to see how the market moves for his services.

Timeline for Baker Mayfield Trade is Prior to Draft

It’s believed that Mayfield will be moved before the draft but ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said on April 17 that neither the Seahawks or Panthers are completely sold on the Browns’ former starting QB.

“The Browns believe this will heat up closer to draft time. They are prepared to hold on to him if they have to, thinking a team could get desperate if they don’t get the right draft pick they want at quarterback or they get an injury at the position,” Fowler reported. “The Carolina Panthers have been implicated here. I believe, after asking around, that they’re torn in that building, that not everybody there believes Mayfield is the guy for Carolina long-term, but he might just end up being the best option of those available. Seattle still looms here; they kind of, sort of moved on by re-signing Geno Smith. They’ve got Drew Lock, they’re looking for a developmental quarterback in the draft. But if the price is low or if Mayfield is released outright, then maybe they get involved.”

While Mayfield would be sought after as a free agent, it’s his current near-$19 million price tag that has left teams unwilling to deal for him. There’s also the fact that the Browns hold little leverage, which has led to teams trying to get them to eat part of Mayfield’s salary or sending a draft pick along with him as compensation.


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