Cowboys Urged to Avoid Signing Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Getty The Cowboys are being warned when it comes to signing Odell Beckham Jr.

The Dallas Cowboys are receiving a warning.

As the Cowboys continue to be in hot pursuit of the top free agent on the market in Odell Beckham, one prominent analyst believes Dallas should avoid signing the three-time Pro Bowl receiver.

According to Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, signing Beckham is the “last thing” the Cowboys need.

“The LAST thing the Dallas Cowboys need is Odell Beckham!” Russo said during an episode of First Take on Wednesday, November 23. “You bring Beckham in, you bring all sorts of distractions to the party.”

Jerry Jones Wants OBJ to Sign With Cowboys

The 30-year-old receiver has been courted by Cowboys coaches and executives over the last several weeks as he makes his return from an ACL injury suffered in last year’s Super Bowl. Team owner Jerry Jones has made it no secret how much he covets Beckham.

“Odell is someone that we have all the appreciation in the world for what he is as a competitor,” Jones said on 105.3 FM The Fan in Dallas, via Jon Machota of The Athletic. “I know the Cowboys star on that helmet when he puts it on could look pretty good. … We may or may not get something done as far as adding at WR but, if we don’t, I like where we are.”

Beckham is being viewed as the last piece the Cowboys need in order to win the Super Bowl. He played a similar role for the Los Angeles Rams last year after he was released by the Cleveland Browns at the midseason point. The veteran receiver proved to be a valuable piece, playing a key role as the No. 2 receiver behind Cooper Kupp.

However, Russo doesn’t believe that’s the case — in fact, he believes Beckham will disrupt the Cowboys’ chemistry.

“They have found an identity,” said Russo. “They are running the football. They don’t need Odell Beckham, no way. They’re coming off a 40-3 blowout of Minnesota. They’re 7-3 and now they’re going to bring in Odell Beckham into the mix, and change the identity of their team.”

“Let them run the ball and play defense and let Dak be a game manager,” Russo continued. “That’s got them to be 7-3. You bring Beckham in, you bring in all sorts of distractions to the party. It’s a mistake.”

Cowboys Need Passing Game to Win Super Bowl

While Russo has a point, he’s also missing out on the fact that it’s unlikely Dallas can continue to win games by simply relying heavily on the defense and the running game. When it comes to winning tough postseason games, the Cowboys will need the passing game to step it up in order to come out on top.

Prior to Dallas’ win over the Minnesota Vikings in Week 11, they had just one 100-yard receiver in a game this season, with CeeDee Lamb accomplishing the feat versus the Green Bay Packers during the week prior.

When it looking at the last four Super Bowl-winning teams, they all had top quarterbacks with elite passing numbers (Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes and Mathew Stafford). Bringing Beckham into the mix gives Prescott a legitimate second option and immediately improves Dallas’ 22nd-ranked passing attack.

Russo may not like the idea of the Cowboys changing it up this late in the season, but it’s the best move if they want to maximize their chances at winning a Super Bowl.

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