Surgeon Responds to Career-Threatening Rumor Surrounding Dak Prescott

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Take it from an orthopedic surgeon with 17 years’ experience as an NFL head team doctor rather than a locally-known radio personality with approximately zero: Dak Prescott’s career is not coming to an end.

Weighing in on the latest rumor concerning the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Dr. David Chao — popularly referred to on Twitter as the “Pro Football Doc” — strongly refuted speculation that Prescott may never play again due to a presumed injury setback.

“No way #Dak doesn’t play again, IMO. BTW, I might win the lottery. There is a chance he is not 100%, but I think he makes a full recovery,” Chao tweeted Saturday.

That, as literally unbelievable as it sounds, is what 105.3 The Fan’s Mike Bacsik introduced Friday on Shan & RJ, claiming Dallas might “release” Prescott, an impending unrestricted free agent, later this summer.

“I think there’s a possibility they release Dak Prescott in June,” Bacsik said. “I know something that nobody else knows and it’s very tough to keep my mouth shut on this. I’m just telling you, I know something, and the Cowboys know it too, and Dak knows it, too.”

Whatever Bacsik claims he knows came days after it was unearthed that the 27-year-old underwent an additional clean-up procedure in December, an operation that “improved the stability and integrity of the ankle and should accelerate his overall recovery,” NFL Network reported. Prescott originally had emergency surgery on Oct. 11 to repair a compound fracture and dislocation in his right ankle.

“I’m rooting for Dak to comeback healthy. I’ve prayed for Dak to be heeled by the hand of God. I want him to lead the Cowboys to a championship. I don’t hate Dak and I’m not trying to ruin his career. For those taking it that way, I’m sorry if I have presented it that way,” Bacsik later clarified on Twitter.

The Cowboys have insisted that Prescott is ahead of his schedule in his rehabilitation, which was pegged at 4-6 months, putting him on track for spring practices. recently reported that “Prescott is walking without crutches, rehabbing aggressively, and involved in weight-bearing exercises with plans to be ready for the 2021 NFL season.”

Parts of the above report were confirmed Friday by Prescott’s brother Tad, an outspoken champion of the former Pro Bowl passer, who slapped down Bacsik’s hearsay via social media.

“Just talk. I’d love for him to tell me what he knows, that no one else does. Dak isn’t in a boot, he’s walking without crutches, and last time I checked the Cowboys can’t release a free agent,” Prescott tweeted.

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New Report Reveals Insane Price to Sign Dak

Appearing on 105.3 The Fan, former NFL general manager and current league insider Michael Lombardi explained his belief that Prescott’s next contract will cost in excess of $40 million per year, and thus, “giving him what he wants is really going to be a challenge” for the Cowboys.

“[Prescott’s agent] Todd France isn’t going to admit Patrick Mahomes is better than Dak, even though he is. He’s not going to admit that Deshaun Watson is better than Dak, even though he is. … Because of the situation, the market is so that it’s no longer who’s better and who deserves more, it’s who can get more. I think that unless Jerry and Stephen are willing to get in that $40 million a year range near Deshaun Watson, they really don’t have much more that they can do,” Lombardi said.

“I think you’ve got to get Dak done to a contract that you can live with. The problem is, how do you do it if you have to franchise Dak. How do you work around that number? And that’s the leverage that France has. France’s leverage is the fact that you want to reduce your cap. Jerry and Stephen (Jones) will get it down but it’ll keep them in gridlock for a while. So, now, you’re putting it to Dak (and saying to him), ‘Dak, do you want to win, or do you want to just hold us ransom? I mean, what do you want to do? The longer we go without doing a deal, you’re just hurting yourself. Because we’ll keep you at $45 million, or whatever the franchise tag number is, but you’ll have nobody to block for you and you might get hurt again. If that’s what you want, then go ahead and let’s do that. But if you want to help the football team – If you want to win a championship like you talk about doing, then let’s get some kind of deal done here so we can lower our cap number. I’m not trying to save money here. I’m trying to invest money into the team.”

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