Cowboys’ Jerry Jones Flamed After ‘Rant’ on Rival NFL Owner: ‘Detached From Reality’

Jerry Jones

Getty Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones walks onto the field after an NFL game.

Any day that ends with “y” is a day that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has to say, so it’s no surprise his latest comments are turning heads.

The Cowboys’ 2022 season to this point can only be described as a success. Dallas is 9-3, looking like a lock for a playoff spot and could still even run down the 11-1 Philadelphia Eagles for the NFC East.

But while the play on the field is up to snuff, Jones is being called out for a rant on 105.3 The Fan over Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder and his situation surrounding the investigation into his team.

Jones was asked about the recent House Committee report on the Commanders, and how NFL owners are responding.

“First of all, I hope our fans see how politically biased this report is,” Jones said. “This report doesn’t even come out if the Republicans were in Congress. It’s that stupid. And, so, my point is there’s biasness all the way through. There are stories behind the stories. The facts are that Mr. Snyder’s minority partners really went out a long way to try and make him sell. He ended up buying them out, but a lot of this is that.”

Cover 2 Draft founder Jeff Barnes shared video of the interview, calling it an “insane rant” and that Jones is “detached from reality.”

Jones Speaks on Cowboys Situation

As one might expect, Jones didn’t just talk about Snyder’s situation but also reflected it back on the Cowboys franchise. Jones has owned the Cowboys since 1989.

According to Jones, there is “still room for improvement” in how the Cowboys handle workplace incidents and allegations, but that he is “proud” of Dallas’ current setup of accountability.

“I’m proud of what the Cowboys have done,” Jones said. “We have an excellent [ER] department, excellent. They have been for years. We have committees of employees — I’m not on it, my family’s not on it — and we have thoroughly been involved in a long time trying to improve our workplace. Do we have room for improvement all over? Of course we do. Everybody does. I’m proud of where we are.”

Jones and Dallas have not found themselves in the turmoil that the Commanders franchise is currently in, and he seems confident of avoiding those issues with how the team is ran.

For more information about the report and memo, USA Today has a comprehensive breakdown.

Dallas Owner Turned Heads with Recent Call-Out

Besides speaking on Snyder, Jones also has garnered attention for “coaching up” Cowboys corner Kelvin Joseph. Joseph is now in a role of major responsiblity due to a recent injury to starting CB Anthony Brown.

Jones is expecting Joseph, who was a second-round pick in the 2021 NFL draft, to take the next step going forward.

“Time for him to become a man,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan according to Yahoo’s Jori Epstein. “Accept a higher level of responsibility. He’s got more people depending on him. It’s time for some of the side stuff to ease its way out of his life.”

As Heavy has covered, Joseph has had a challenging start to his NFL career, partially due to off-field issues. That being said, this is a major opportunity for the former Kentucky Wildcats star to turn around his career.

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