Falcons Send Strong Message on Cowboys’ Blockbuster Trade Rumor: Report

Atlanta Falcons Kyle Pitts

Getty The Atlanta Falcons do not have an interest in trading Kyle Pitts to the Dallas Cowboys.

Heavy Sports discussed a trade idea that involved the Dallas Cowboys pursuing a potential deal for Atlanta Falcons tight end Kyle Pitts. Yet, it does not look like the Falcons have an interest in trading Pitts despite diminishing production from the playmaker since his Pro Bowl campaign during his rookie season in 2021. NFL Network’s Jane Slater reported that a Falcons source offered a firm response when asked about a potential trade: “no way.”

“The Cowboys are always looking to bolster their offense, so when I heard a show say Dallas should call Atlanta to see if Kyle Pitts is available, I checked into it,” Slater tweeted on September 26, 2023. “A source with the Falcons’ answer when I asked ‘LOL. No way.’”

How Did the Kyle Pitts to Cowboys Trade Rumors Start?

This is an NFL rumor that circulates from time to time given the Cowboys’ affinity for Pitts heading into the 2021 NFL draft. This latest instance stems from a suggestion by ESPN’s Robert Griffin who floated the idea of a Cowboys trade for Pitts given the team’s red zone woes.

“But if I was the Cowboys right now, they don’t have a mismatch at tight end. They have the personnel outside, but that tight end is the one that they’re missing,” Griffin remarked on the September 25 episode of “Monday Night Countdown.” “I would be banging at the Atlanta Falcons’ door right now to try to go and get Kyle Pitts.

“They need a player like that. … They gotta find a way to find a mismatch in the red zone.”

The Atlanta Falcons Still Value Kyle Pitts

There is also no evidence that the Cowboys are interested in pursuing a trade for Pitts. Dallas is attempting to see what they have at the position in Jake Ferguson and the team also drafted tight end Luke Schoonmaker in the second round. Sports Illustrated’s Mike Fisher believes the media may be underestimating the Falcons’ value of Pitts since the tight end is not putting up massive fantasy stats.

“Either a) everybody overrated his talent or b) the Falcons still don’t know how to use him or c) the Falcons don’t care what anybody thinks as they try to make a playoff push,” Fisher wrote on September 26. “But this much seems as certain with this latest report as it always has: Whatever the Cowboys’ offensive problems are, the Falcons are not interested in offering ‘unicorn’ solutions.”

Jerry Jones to Kyle Pitts Before 2021 NFL Draft: ‘Man, What a Pair Up We Could Do With Ol’ Dak Prescott’

We do know that owner Jerry Jones gushed over Pitts throughout the 2021 pre-draft process. Jones allowed himself to envision Pitts wearing a Cowboys uniform, but the tight end was off the board at No. 4, long before Dallas was originally on the clock at No. 10. Ultimately, Dallas traded down with the Eagles to No. 12 where the team selected Micah Parsons, a move that worked out just fine for the Cowboys.

“Boy, I’ll tell you what. I’m excited to have you come into this league,” Jones told Pitts during a 2021 pre-draft interview released by Dallas. “And, man, what a pair up we could do with ol’ Dak Prescott and some of those guys that we’ve got out there with options to get you the ball. So, we can dream of visions of sugar plums around here.”

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