Cowboys Send Strong Message on Dak Prescott-Trey Lance Debate

Trey Lance

Getty Some Dallas Cowboys fans want to see more of Trey Lance.

One needs only to peruse the comments in the Heavy on Cowboys group to see that there is unrest from segments of the fanbase over Dak Prescott. The Dallas Cowboys do not seem to share this same consternation over the quarterback position.

During a September 22, 2023 interview on “The Rich Eisen Show,” Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy made it clear that Prescott is the “lead dog” despite the team’s decision to trade for Trey Lance.

It is important to note this interview took place prior to the Cowboys’ upset loss to the Cardinals, but Dallas has been unequivocal in their praise of Prescott as the team’s QB1. McCarthy also praised Cooper Rush indicating that Lance has some ground to makeup before he can even elevate to being the backup quarterback.

“Dak is the lead dog in our room there’s no question about that,” McCarthy remarked. “Trey’s a young guy with a lot of talent that we’re going to have to continue to develop to fit our system. Just some of the things we ask him to do in our system.

“But let’s not forget about Cooper Rush. Cooper is an outstanding veteran that has established himself and he’s made some slight changes to his game that I’ve been super impressed with. And Cooper’s that veteran that’s coach smart. He could probably coach in this league tomorrow if he’s dumb enough to pursue it that way and [not] stay out of this rat race.”

Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Labeled Dak Prescott the ‘Lead Guy’ When Asked About Trey Lance

Lance’s four-year, $34 million rookie contract runs through the 2024 season. Dallas will also have the decision to potentially exercise Lance’s fifth-year option for 2025.

“But it’s just a really good room and that’s the reality of it, too,” McCarthy added. “So, you never have enough good quarterbacks. Even Will [Grier] had a great year and a half with us, too.

“That’s just has always been the approach, and I think really looking back in my time [former Packers general manager] Ron Wolf. He’s the one that really set the standard of drafting quarterbacks each and every year or every other year. So, just keep trying to build that room. But yeah, there’s nothing internally that takes me away from the focus of Dak Prescott being our lead guy.”

Trey Lance on Learning From Dak Prescott: ‘Just Couldn’t Be More Thankful for Everything’

The good news is there is no indication Lance faces pressure to play this season. Dallas also has a decision on Prescott’s next extension as his current $160 million contract runs through 2024. Lance noted that Prescott has been helpful in easing his transition in learning a new offense.

“He’s a guy that’s obviously played a lot of football at a really high level for a long time,” Lance said during a September 27 press conference. “Just had his 100th career start, which is is pretty crazy. Not too many people get to that point.

“So, just for me to be able to be in the room, ask him questions. Like I said, how willing he is to help me out throughout the week with everything he’s got going on. Just couldn’t be more thankful for everything. He’s handled everything the right way.”

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