Cowboys Given ‘Very Little Chance’ Against 49ers by Super Bowl-Winning Analyst

Mike McCarthy

Getty Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy reacts after a play.

The Dallas Cowboys are staying on the road in the playoffs, taking on the San Francisco 49ers in a clash of the NFC’s No. 2 and No. 5 seeds.

The history and matchups between the two teams are legendary, but Super Bowl XLI champion Tony Dungy doesn’t think that this year’s meeting will make for a great chapter in the two teams’ stories.

Dungy posted on Twitter about the game recently, giving the Cowboys “very little chance” but not due to the quality of the team, but the nature of the playoff schedule.

“As good as the Cowboys looked tonight I think they have very little chance against the 49ers next week and it’s not their fault,” Dungy wrote. “There are very few examples EVER of teams winning Monday night road game then Sunday road game. Now give SF ( a great team) an extra day of rest. Tough.”

It’s not the kind of breakdown that Dallas fans want to hear, but it’s hard to argue against the former Indianapolis Colts head coach making a valid point: there are two days and change in rest that the 49ers are getting over the Cowboys.

Cowboys Owner Updates on Jason Peters

Dungy’s point about the Cowboys’ rest week is compounded when considering some of the injuries that the team is facing. In terms of recovering in time for a game, a day or two can be the difference between playing and sitting.

Ask Dallas owner Jerry Jones. During an interview with 105.3 The Fan this week, the Cowboys owner explained that he is “certainly” concerned about offensive lineman Jason Peters’ chances to play against the 49ers.

“I certainly am concerned. I don’t know any more than we knew when we left there last night. We’ve got a little hope that it might not be serious,” Jones said. “But it’s important to realize that he’s not sitting here in his rookie year.”

Peters is one of the oldest players in the NFL at 40 years old, and a hip injury after that many seasons of football is one that the Cowboys cannot treat lightly.

49ers Legend Speaks on Dak Prescott

While the Cowboys focus on getting healthy and rested for San Francisco, 49ers team legend and former quarterback Steve Young is speaking on what he saw from Dallas in the team’s win over the Buccaneers.

Namely, Young is addressing how well Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott played. The 29-year-old QB threw for 305 yards and four touchdowns, completing 25 of 33 pass attempts in the process.

For Young, Dak’s performance and the ensuing reactions are a testament to how success in the postseason determines how fans perceive you.

“Playoffs change perception one way or another. Dak changed the perception of his game,” Young tweeted. “The power of the playoffs.”

Young knows that power well, as the former 49ers star had to fill four-time Super Bowl champion Joe Montana’s shoes in the 1990s. Prescott experienced a similar thing with replacing former Dallas QB Tony Romo, but obviously, no Super Bowl rings were involved.

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