Fans React to Luka Doncic & Devin Booker’s Heated Exchange in Brutal Mavs Loss

Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks.

Getty Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks.

The big story going into the Dallas Mavericks‘ primetime game against the Phoenix Suns on March 5, was the Kyrie Irving versus Kevin Durant matchup. It marked the first time the two ex-teammates would meet since both being traded from the Brooklyn Nets. However, following the game, fans were talking about a different matchup, Luka Doncic versus Devin Booker. The two stars got into a heated exchange, after Doncic missed a layup to tie the game.

Booker and Doncic got into each other’s faces and shared some words.

Fans wasted no time, logging onto Twitter and sharing their thoughts on the beef. “FADE (@FadeAwayMedia) replied to Bleacher Report’s video of the incident, saying, “Luka is scary he wants smoke.”

Another user “Cam” (@camdencwilson) slammed booker in his reply, writing, “D book so soft man, where is that energy in the playoffs when it mattered?? Blown a lead in the finals and had a horrendous game 7 the following year. All bark no bite.”

Some fans, like user @treyfivecarti, are looking ahead to this spring, hoping that the two teams meet again in the playoffs. He shared a graphic with a quote from soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, reading, “I will love it, and I think I deserve it.”

The possibility of a potential first-round matchup is very real. Phoenix is sitting in fourth place in the West, with Dallas just three games behind them in seventh. The conference standings are so close, that there’s plenty of opportunity for the two teams to shift into either the third and sixth seeds or fourth and fifth.

Kyrie Irving Was Excited to Face Kevin Durant in Mavs vs. Suns

Dallas came into Sunday’s game riding a recent 133-126 win over the Philadelphia 76ers. It was a game where the Mavs showed out against a competitive Sixers squad. Irving and Doncic combined to score 82 points in the win, with both (Irving 40 and Doncic 42) tallying over 40 apiece.

After the game, reporters were already eager to discuss Sunday’s big game against Phoenix. They asked Irving his thoughts on facing off against his former teammate Durant, to which he replied by sharing his excitement to compete.

“Playing against the new-look Suns with KD and I think it’ll be an exciting time for us to compete again, compete against each other,” Irving told reporters. “That’s my brother for life, again, but when we’re stepping out there I’m looking forward to the competition, the friendly competition.”

Kyrie Irving on Facing Kevin Durant on Sunday, Postgame InterviewPhiladelphia 76ers vs Dallas Mavericks – Full Game Highlights | March 2, 2023 | 2022-23 NBA Season NBA X CREATOR MERCH DROP! CHECK IT OUT – 📌 Follow HoH Instagram: 📌 Follow HoH TikTok: #HouseofHighlights #NBA2023-03-03T04:19:25Z

Kyrie Irving Gives Props to Luka Doncic After Mavs Down 76ers

Of course, Irving also had to discuss his and Doncic’s scoring outburst. He explained that they were both “ready for the party” against Philly.

“I just embraced my teammates,” Irving said. “It was a hard-fought game. And we did everything to make sure we were poised down the stretch. We’re just paying attention to the game plan. There’s been a few losses over last week where we felt like they were very winnable games, and it came down to the [final] stretch. You know, three points, four points, two points. So, it was definitely a different approach tonight for us as a team because we really wanted this. I really wanted this. But I think, like I said, the last time I was sitting up here, I just had to join the party. You know, and just make sure my teammates were going to follow along. And Luka was ready for the party, I was ready for the party tonight. And it was one of those games where we had some special performances, and I’m just grateful that the work translated because it could have gone either way. We could either kind of lay down and just let things happen and kind of blame it on the refs or blame it on other things, but sitting up here every single night and not having excuses. It’s knowing we just got to respond and do what’s necessary to win ball games. So, it felt good.”

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