Mavericks Issued Daunting Warning Over Kyrie Irving’s Future

Kyrie Irving of the Dallas Mavericks.

Getty Kyrie Irving of the Dallas Mavericks.

As soon as the Dallas Mavericks traded for Kyrie Irving back on February 6, fans and media members began to speculate about his future with the team. Irving has a history of concerning incidents, which Bleacher Report’s Grant Hughes highlighted in a recent article.

The All-Star point guard was at the top of Hughes’ March 23 list of the riskiest upcoming NBA free agents.

“Any team taking Irving on as a free agent has to weigh his talent against a laundry list of concerns,” Hughes wrote. “In addition to extensive (often voluntary) absences, Irving’s career has been defined by unpredictable moodiness, broken promises, suspensions, a general refusal to accept accountability—exemplified by his initial refusal to apologize and denounce antisemitism after promoting an antisemitic film on social media this fall—and an occasionally mind-numbing lack of self-awareness. He’s also missed significant time due to various injuries and hasn’t played more than 60 games in any of the past four seasons. Put all the other worries about his availability aside, and at 31, a health history like his is concerning on its own.”

Mavericks Have to Accept Risks that Come with Kyrie Irving

Hughes later explained that Dallas may have to accept the risks that come along with Irving’s talent because they essentially tied their own hands by trading for him.

“The Dallas Mavericks may be pot committed after trading for Irving. If they let him walk, Luka Dončić will be left wondering if his front office is ever going to deliver the supporting cast he needs. From there, it’s not hard to envision him becoming the next disgruntled star to seek a trade. Of course, the only thing scarier than that scenario might be committing to Irving on a costly multiyear deal.”

He concluded by saying that whichever team winds up signing the 31-year-old star is going to have quite the ride ahead of them.

“Whether it’s the Mavs or some other team with the guts to offer Irving the max salary his play says he’s worth, it’s impossible to imagine anyone agreeing on a contract with him and leaving the interaction feeling assured a smooth ride is ahead.”

Christian Woods Praises Mavs Teammate Kyrie Irving

Since arriving in Dallas, Irving has seemed to fit in pretty well, despite being labeled a difficult player.

Mavericks big man Christian Wood praised his new teammate, after the recent loss to the Memphis Grizzlies.

“Kyrie, he’s an unselfish superstar,” Wood said via the Fanatics View YouTube channel. “He lets the game come to him. He’s been setting a lot of screens for me to get a switch and for me to get the mismatch. Or he will have a big on him for him to get the mismatch, and we kind of went back and forth and tried to figure that out. Like I said, in the fourth quarter, we’re going to need him. We’re gonna trust him to take those shots and shoot those shots. I think his ankle was bothering him a little bit down the stretch, but I believe, over time, he’s going to make those shots in the fourth quarter. I think he leads the league in fourth-quarter points. Pretty sure.”

Christian Wood & Jason Kidd on Memphis "Loving to Talk", Kyrie Irving "Unselfish Star", Jaden HardyWatch as Christian Wood & Jason Kidd speak on Memphis "Loving to Talk", Kyrie Irving "Unselfish Star", Jaden Hardy (Post-Game, Dallas Mavs vs. Memphis Grizzlies) Don’t forget to Subscribe to Fanatics View on YouTube for more exclusive sports content: #LukaDoncic #DallasMavs #KyrieIrving Fanatics View’s other sports channels can be subscribed to here as…2023-03-21T06:19:48Z
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