Lakers Urged to Target Former Mavericks Big Man Amid Reports

JaVale McGee

Getty JaVale McGee embraces LeBron James during a Los Angeles Lakers game.

With former Dallas Mavericks center JaVale McGee set to hit free agency, Jason Reed of Fansided is urging the Los Angeles Lakers to look at the seven-footer. McGee was a part of the Lakers’ roster that won the NBA title in 2020 inside the Disney Bubble.

“Outside of Wood, the options are limited. McGee might be flawed, and he might be past his prime, but he is a far better option than Bismack Biyombo, who is also both of those things and is less talented than McGee as well,” Reed writes.

Lakers Want To Add Floor Spacer

The Lakers looked dominant in the first two rounds of the playoffs against the Memphis Grizzlies and Golden State Warriors. But when they had to face a Western Conference powerhouse that was equally dominant, the Denver Nuggets, they simply were outmatched and got swept in the conference finals.

One thing that particularly stood out in the Nuggets series is that the Lakers could not create any breathing room on the offensive side of the ball. The defensive versatility of the Nuggets was able to use Los Angeles’ lackluster three-point shooting to their advantage.

After shooting a scorching 45.8% from long-range in Game 1, the Lakers shot a chilly 34.8% from beyond the arc in the series. Because of this, the Nuggets were able to key in on the paint and essentially shut down Anthony Davis and LeBron James. James shot a frigid 26.9% from beyond the arc in the series. And while Anthony Davis shot 50% from deep, he attempted just four shots from long-range.

Reed says that the Lakers want to add a player that can space the floor to their roster as the team gears up for training camp. And even though McGee does not fit the description, he says that the three-time NBA champion could still be a valuable player.

“McGee does not add the floor spacing that the Lakers are rumored to want in another center but that is fine. All this Lakers team needs is someone to play 15 minutes off the bench during the regular season to keep Anthony Davis fresh. McGee can certainly do that,” Reed added.

Mavs Looking To Bounce Back in 2024

The Mavericks are looking to avenge themselves from a disappointing season in 2023. After reaching the Western Conference Finals in 2022, the franchise lost its star point guard Jalen Brunson to the New York Knicks in free agency last summer.However, they were able to fill that void at the trade deadline when they acquired All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving from the Brooklyn Nets.

But even after adding a generational talent like Irving, the Mavericks struggled and plummeted in the second half of the season and did not qualify for the play-in tournament.

Despite a disappointing season in Dallas, Irving resigned with the Mavericks on a 3-year, $120 million deal in July. And even though they have retooled and surrounded Luka Doncic with better players such as Kyrie and former Boston Celtics star Grant Williams, the Mavericks still have just the 11th-best odds to win the 2024 NBA title. In a loaded Western Conference with teams such as the Phoenix Suns, Denver Nuggets, and Lakers on the hunt, the Mavericks have a tall task ahead of them.

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