LeBron James Linked to Mavericks in Shock Move: ‘He Wanted Luka’

LeBron James Dallas Mavericks

Getty LeBron James #6 of the Los Angeles Lakers.

After making a surprising run to the Western Conference Finals last season, the Dallas Mavericks suddenly have the potential to be a major basketball destination. After all, Texas doesn’t have a state income tax, the Dallas-Forth Worth area is a top-five media market, and the Mavs boast transcendent superstar Luka Doncic.

Yet for all the potential, the Mavericks largely failed to capitalize on their run, letting Jalen Brunson walk in free agency and replacing him with Christian Wood and Javale McGee, two big men. A huge reason for the quiet summer was the fact Dallas already boasts the 12th-highest salary sheet in the league. The lack of financial wiggle room can hamstring teams (though it’s worth noting, the Philadelphia 76ers found ways to improve with little space).

But that doesn’t mean that Dallas still isn’t an intriguing landing spot for stars. In fact, it might be enticing for one of the league’s greatest players of all time.

In a discussion on The Bill Simmons Podcast, ESPN analyst Brian Windhorst discussed LeBron returning to the Cavaliers or finishing his career out with the Los Angeles Lakers. But Windhorst also mentioned a sleeper team that could attract LeBron’s attention: the Dallas Mavericks.

“One other team that I’ll bring up, I did mention earlier: Dallas. He does have an affinity for Luka. That’s not exactly a hot take,” Windhorst said on September 27.

Windhorst tied LeBron’s potential interest in Dallas back to the Lakers star’s initial attempt at pairing up with Doncic off the court.

LeBron Tried to Get Luka on His Brand

Back in 2019, Doncic faced no shortage of sponsorship suitors. The Slovenian was still a relative newbie to the league, but his talent was undeniable. Among the interested groups were Jordan Brand, owned by (wait for it) Michael Jordan and LeBron, owned by (are you noticing a pattern yet?) LeBron James.

And while Doncic ultimately chose Jordan, it was not for lack of trying on LeBron’s part.

“You know, he tried to get Luka–you know, LeBron doesn’t have people who wear his brand, officially. When Luka signed with Nike, he wanted Luka to be a, like, LeBron guy. He wanted Luka to be in the brand, kinda like Jordan has all these guys. And it didn’t go that way, Luka ended up going with Jordan,” Windhorst said.

Also, for what it’s worth, one of LeBron’s closest business partners is named Maverick Carter. I mean, it almost sounds too good to be true.

But Windhorst noted one more factor that might link LeBron to the Lone Star State.

Windhorst: LeBron Has ‘Long Ties to the Cowboys’

Despite hailing from Akron, Ohio in the shadow of the Cleveland Browns, LeBron has never been an outspoken Browns fan. Rather, he’s a well-known supporter of the Dallas Cowboys, yet another link between LeBron and the Lone Star State.

“But, you know, take something from that. He does have his long ties to the Cowboys,” Windhorst concluded.

If LeBron did indeed come to Dallas, I’m sure Jerry Jones & Co. could hook the NBA legend up with season tickets.

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