Ex-Broncos RB Melvin Gordan Reveals Why He ‘Never Had a Chance’ in Denver

Melvin Gordon

Getty Former Denver Broncos RB Melvin Gordon walks off the field.

Drama always surrounded former Denver Broncos running back Melvin Gordon while he played in Denver.

Now that he’s on the Kansas City Chiefs’ practice squad, Gordon threw a little more shade at the Broncos while talking to the media on the first day of Super Bowl week and tried playing the sympathy card.

“I told my mom before I signed, I’m not going to finish in Denver.”

Even after he signed, Gordon knew exactly what his role was going to be.

“The running back coach told me that they wanted to have Javonte (Williams) the guy.”

Gordon never wanted to take a back seat to Denver’s young breakout running back, but that was the plan all along.

“I never really had a chance,” Gordon said.

During the fourth game of the season, Williams suffered a torn ACL early in the game against the Las Vegas Raiders. Gordon became the number one running back immediately after Williams’ injury, but that didn’t go well.

Entering Week 12, on November 21, the Broncos waived Gordon after he was the leading running back for six straight weeks.

In the six games that Gordon started for the Broncos, he found the endzone just one time and averaged 29.8 yards per game on the ground.

On November 29, Gordon signed with the Chiefs’ practice squad.

Melvin Gordon Took a Shot at Broncos Fans on the Way Out

Just a day after being released by the Broncos, running back Gordon went to social media to take a shot at Broncos Country.

In his recent Instagram story, Gordon posted a picture of himself driving the white Ford Bronco that was carrying O.J. Simpson across the 91 freeway in California in a police chase back in 1994.

In the caption of the picture, Gordon also wrote, “Hahaha boy y’all fans was hell lmfaooo. Thank y’all too broncos country. Let’s at least laugh on the way out.”

Gordon also posted a picture on his Instagram of him hugging cornerback Patrick Surtain ll with the caption saying, “Can’t say it’s been the easiest 3 years. But thank you anyway Broncos for helping me continue my dream.”

This comes after Gordon argued with Broncos fans on social media over the past three seasons because of his fumbling issues that occurred in crucial parts of games.

In an interview back in April of 2021, Gordon talked about how difficult his previous season was because of the fans.

“It was probably one of my most difficult seasons. I am not going to lie. Just ’cause a lot of fans and a lot of people weren’t too happy with me coming in and Phil (Phillip Lindsay) wanting to get paid and everything like that.” Gordon added, “It was tough, man, because I felt like a lot of people didn’t accept me.”

Melvin Gordon Had Fumbling Issues

During the 2022 season, the former Wisconsin Badger fumbled the ball a total of five times and it was the timing of the fumbles that made the situation worse.

On opening night, Gordon fumbled against the Seattle Seahawks near the goal line while trying to score on fourth down. Gordon then fumbled twice against the San Francisco 49ers in which Denver recovered both times and then he fumbled on his first carry in Las Vegas when the Broncos were closing in on field goal range. During that game, the Raiders returned his fumble back for a touchdown making it a nine-point swing.

Of his last seven fumbles with the Broncos, three of them have been returned for a touchdown from the opposing team.

Even in the passing game, Gordon has struggled catching the ball. While with the Broncos, Gordon has averaged three drops per season.

Gordon became a liability for Denver and it took them 11 weeks of this season to realize that he shouldn’t be carrying the ball for them moving forward.

The former Pro Bowl running back has had a history for fumbling the football in his career. In his five years with the Los Angeles Chargers, Gordon fumbled a total of 14 times.

During his 41 games with the Broncos, Gordon put the ball on the ground 12 times and nine of those fumbles were recovered by the opposing team.

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