Hated Former Lions Rival Admits Team Turnaround Would ‘Be Nice’

Brett Favre

Getty Brett Favre during a radio row interview at the Super Bowl.

Detroit Lions fans have a complicated relationship with Brett Favre. One one hand, the quarterback was always excellent to watch when he played, but on the other, he often torched their favorite team on the field regularly.

As a result, many Lions fans likely will always have negative thoughts about Favre, but perhaps it’s time for those to dissipate just a bit. Now that Favre is retired and doing more media work, he’s often very respectful of the team and their players and can offer good unbiased thoughts.

Such was the case once again when Favre linked up with Brad Galli of WXYZ and discussed several topics including the future of Matthew Stafford. While many including Favre himself have previously called for Stafford to be traded, the quarterback now thinks it would be nice for him to see success in Detroit.

Favre said:

“Matthew’s had a great career, and I know some people will judge it by wins and losses, playoff appearances or lack there of. I think that he’s been very solid, one of the bright spots for that organization for quite some time. It’d be nice to see him get in the playoffs and make a run, it’d be nice to see the Lions do it.”

A former Packer wants to see the Lions make a playoff run? Believe it. This season, with the resurgence of long time also-rands like Cleveland and Buffalo, Favre clearly wants to see the Lions join that group along with Stafford at quarterback. As a result, Favre thinks Stafford should stay.

“I’d much rather see him do it in Detroit, and I’m sure he would too. In today’s game, if Tom Brady can have all the success he did in New England and be as long-tenured as he was and be the quarterback for the Buccaneers now, anything cam happen. But that’s a totally different comparison, one had tremendous success with his team, one has had individual success at times, but very consistent. I’d love to see him do it in Detroit.”

Favre didn’t make many friends in Detroit through the years for breaking the Lions’ hearts nearly every time the sides played, but it’s clear he has good feelings for Stafford and the team now. That should count for something in the minds of the fans at this point in time.

At the very least, Favre is now on tape saying he’s hoping for the Lions to win. For some, that will be enough.

Brett Favre Changed His Mind About Matthew Stafford Trade

It seems Favre has changed his mind in a huge way from just a month ago. Back in December, Favre had joined SiriusXM NFL Radio for an interview and was asked what the future should be for Stafford in Detroit. As he explained, he thinks of him as a Matt Ryan type, given how inconsistent they have both been in their career yet just as brilliant at times. As a result, he said then that he thinks it could be time for a new start for both parties.

Here’s the quote from Justin Rogers’ Detroit News piece:

“Matthew has done wonderful things for Detroit except get to the playoffs and go to the Super Bowl,” Favre said. “Is that enough to pay him whatever they pay and just go status quo? I’m not saying it’s his fault, but why not offload this big price tag and start over because it’s sort of what you’re doing year in and year out any way? Again, I’m not blaming him, but from a business standpoint, that seems to be the better route to take, by investing in a young guy and starting over.”

Indeed, Stafford’s future would seem to be more up in the air than it’s ever been, and that’s something the quarterback seemed to grasp in a major way when he was speaking with reporters recently following the big organizational moves. Stafford was asked what’s next, and specifically declined to answer the question during the season, saying he was more interested to talk about that later than right at the current moment.

Stafford has deferred any thoughts about his future until after the season, and soon enough it will be time to see what the Lions want to do with Stafford.

New Regime Will Determine Matthew Stafford’s Future

Detroit will have a brand new regime coming with Brad Holmes taking over as general manager and Dan Campbell expected to take the reigns at head coach. Where will that leave Stafford? It’s tough to say, but it’s obvious that will be the biggest question that Holmes has to answer when he gets going on rebuilding the Lions in his image. Whether Stafford stays or goes will be the biggest decision of the offseason that Holmes will have to make.

If Favre’s opinion matters any, he thinks that Stafford should be sticking around to try and do his winning where it all started in the Motor City.

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