Colin Cowherd’s Show Talks More Smack About Lions, Dan Campbell

Colin Cowherd

Getty Colin Cowherd speaks during a Super Bowl show.

The Detroit Lions aren’t the team many folks jump to defend, but some in the national media seem to take particular delight in piling on the franchise.

That’s been the case in a big way this offseason, with many jumping into the fray to mock Dan Campbell following an interesting run of press conferences. First, Campbell referenced biting kneecaps and more recenly, he put on a racing helmet as a nod to the Detroit Grand Prix.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, the national media is running with the idea of Campbell having fun at press conferences as some sort of indictment on his coaching ability. Fox Sports personality Joy Taylor was the latest to call Campbell and the team out for the coach’s behavior, saying she didn’t think it was funny.

She said:

“I’m not someone who takes myself severely seriously, but there are just things I don’t want jokes about. The first thing I thought was, Brian Flores would literally never. Here’s when I think that’s funny. If Andy Reid does that, it’s funny. That’s when it’s funny.”

Ironically, Taylor was found to have posted pro-Campbell tweets back when he was head coach of the Miami Dolphins. So what changed? She wasn’t saying when folks asked, other than to instruct others to get a life and quit digging for old tweets.

Of course Colin Cowherd tried to say that no other serious coach in the league would wear the helmet and “dumb people think it’s funny” to see the coach wearing the attire. Taylor tried to say later she is only wanting better for the Lions by commenting on the matter, but it’s clear that most Lions fans don’t care much for her opinion on this.

Dan Campbell Rejects Media Criticism

Campbell has spoken passionately about biting kneecaps and what kind of tough team he wants to field in Detroit. He also recently donned a racing helmet at a press conferences which further inflamed the passions of the internet. Many believe Campbell isn’t set to be a great coach because of these behaviors and consider him to be some type of a goofball, but the boss doesn’t exactly agree.

As Campbell told the media when speaking before Detroit’s minicamp, he’s not worried about the criticism since he will be critiqued either way, and ultimately he will be judged by the wins and losses and his overall record as a coach. As he also said, he’s been enjoying being able to be himself in the meantime.

Campbell shouldn’t have to answer for any behavior or apologize, as he has been engaging, interesting and authentic, ad the players seem to appreciate what he has done thus far and how he is leading the team. Campbell is also smart to know that ultimately, the wins and losses will be the only thing that matter. If the coach becomes a winner and leads the Lions out of the basement, suddenly, some of the criticism he has seen will turn into universal praise.

Overall, it’s a smart take from a guy who understands the game as a player and now as a coach.

Cowherd Slammed Lions This Offseason

It’s no surprise to see these takes from the national media or even this particular show. Recently, Colin Cowherd was talking about Jared Goff going to the Lions, and how depressing the move is for the quarterback. As Cowherd got going, he hammered the Lions left and right with some statements that were both factual and non-facutal.

He said:

“If I was Jared Goff, I could not have faked it. Nothing against Michigan, it’s a beautiful state, my wife is from there. I would have stood up there and said listen, this place is loserville. I feel bad for Jared Goff who I think is a good kid with limitations, they got frustrated with him. God, to go from the Rams to the Lions. That’s depressing. The Lions have a worse owner, GM, coach and O-line. There is no glimmer. It’s raining on him. This is awful. This is a depressing story. I feel bad for Jared Goff, it’s not a great situation.”

While the Lions might be heading for a tough season, there are numerous things wrong with what Cowherd has said. First and foremost, the Lions don’t have a bad offensive line given they just selected Penei Sewell, have Frank Ragnow as well as Taylor Decker. This shows that when national hosts go off on a team, at times, they don’t take the time to research the whole story.

The media can talk all they want, but Campbell won’t be bothered by it, and the ultimate test of him as a coach will be wins and losses. There’s no debating any of that.

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