Former Lions Player Roasts Team for Holding Matthew Stafford Back

Matthew Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford working with the Rams in 2021.

The Detroit Lions haven’t been the most consistent franchise through the years at anything other than losing, and as a result, they have struggled to make the most of some of the talent they have had on the team.

Damien Woody would know a thing or two about that seeing as he played for the Lions, and it’s his belief that the team wasted he career of Matthew Stafford before agreeing to trade him earlier this offseason.

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On ESPN’s Get Up, Woody was talking about a list that put together a look at ranking quarterbacks heading into 2021, and as he said, he’s in Stafford’s corner because of the franchise he’s been playing with.

He said:

“Matthew Stafford consistently over his career has been a stat monster. You know what’s been holding Stafford back in his career? The Detroit Lions as an organization. This is an organization that has won a grand total of one playoff game since the 1950s. One.”

Stafford wasn’t always given the best support with the Lions, but the notion that the team was holding him back is a bit problematic. The Lions also had talented players around Stafford at times and could still never get over the hump. As a result, the situation is somewhat of a paradox.

At this point, the best thing that can be said is that soon, there will be answers to all of these questions when the teams get on the field to start a new season.

Analyst Believes Lions Won Trading Stafford

Reactions have been flooding in during the weeks and months after the trade was revealed to be agreed upon, and at least one analyst thinks the Lions made out in a big way by dumping Stafford. Rob Parker of Fox Sports was asked his reaction to the big trade on Twitter right after the move happened, and as he said, he thinks the Lions won the deal hands down.

The reason? Parker doesn’t think Stafford is all that talented, and his numbers are hollow. After the trade was revealed, Parker was shocked that any Rams fans could want Stafford over Goff given what the two have accomplished to this point in their careers.

There’s no question Stafford is a talented player, but his resume does have some holes. Is that more due to Detroit and their organizational dysfunction, or the quarterback himself? That’s been the question that has plagued Lions and their fans for the last few seasons. Some believe Stafford merely pads his stats and cannot win the big game. He’ll have a chance to prove that wrong once and for all in 2021.

Regardless of what’s true, both Goff and Stafford have the chance to re-set their careers at key points. Interestingly enough, they’ll play in 2021 adding an extra level of excitement to the contest.

Why Stafford’s Hype With Rams Seems Overboard

This offseason, the news cycle has been spinning wildly with Stafford takes and many are debating his place in the game now that he has been traded to Los Angeles. Everyone understands Stafford is a great quarterback with a great opportunity ahead of him, but it’s almost as if nobody has been paying him any attention because he played for the Lions. Though he hasn’t won a playoff game or had any shred of success winning a division in his career, Stafford is amongst the strongest armed quarterbacks in the league. He’s also tough and is the kind of player that can carry a team by himself. That much is well-known.

All of this should also be understood by those in the NFL community. Listening to McVay carry on about Stafford with his glowing commentary is getting downright old, almost as if he is rubbing the league’s nose in what he thinks he has to prove a point. It’s taking on the feel of being forced along the way, and has a definite arrogant edge to it when combined with the coach’s comments about happiness and how they may or may not have related to Goff.

Everyone that has come into contact with Stafford understands what type of person and player he is. Hearing this endless debate about whether Stafford is ranked properly enough or not or what the Lions did to his career is getting old.

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