Dan Campbell Has Cryptic Update on Lions Quarterback Battle

Dan Campbell

Getty Dan Campbell calling a play with the Lions in 2021 against Atlanta.

The Detroit Lions are trying to decide what to do with roster decisions, and a big call they will have to make revolves around backup quarterback.

David Blough and Tim Boyle are fighting for the right to back up Jared Goff this year, and there’s potential for both players to be in the mix at the position again.

Is there a leader in the clubhouse, though? At this point in camp, the team seems to appreciate what both players offer them. Dan Campbell proved as much speaking before practice on Tuesday, August 9.

“I think that both of them can do it. I think they’re both different in what they do,” Campbell said. “Blough’s a little scrappier, he’s more of a man, he’s going to find a way. That’s what he’s about. He can certainly run the offense. I think Boyle’s got all the gifts, all the traits. He’s just consistently doing it. There again, he’s got to do this in the preseason games. Let’s see where he’s progressed from last year.”

Add it up and it doesn’t seem as if there is a favorite in Campbell’s mind. If there is, the coach certainly isn’t telling at all at this point in time, certainly not ahead of the preseason.

The exhibition games may determine who comes out ahead, but in the mind of Campbell, the team may have two good competitors that each offer the team something different once again.

Campbell Sheds Extra Light on Backup Decision

Will the Lions take three quarterbacks or not? That’s a question on the mind of many this offseason, and Campbell revealed a bit of the dynamic behind the decision.

As he said, the team could have other needs which might make it harder to keep another quarterback on the roster.

“I think most of it comes down to what else is on our roster? Are you keeping a quarterback three vs. a stud special teams player? Or somebody you know is going to play 30 snaps for you on defense and be a critical role player? I think that’s what it’s going to come down to, honestly,” Campbell told the media.

As Campbell describes, the conditions do exist for the Lions to move on from carrying three quarterbacks, especially as their roster evolves. They might simply have more needs elsewhere on the team rather than at quarterback.

Analyzing Lions’ Quarterback Race Right Now

Last year, Blough looked better than Boyle at times, but the Lions elected to use Boyle as the primary backup. The team kept three quarterbacks, so Blough got to stick around. Now, though, Blough is looking a bit sharper than Boyle.

During a workout on Tuesday, Boyle fired a poor interception right to a Detroit linebacker that reminded of some of his mistakes last year. It’s the kind of mistake he’s been trying to avoid, so it wasn’t good to see it play out in practice.

Preseason games will be vital to decide upon a winner of this competition as Campbell has noted, but in practice, Blough seems to have the upper hand to the neutral observer. Whether that holds or not through games remains to be seen.

As Campbell seems to know, there’s a bit of a ways to go until a decision is made. It will be interesting to see where the dust settles.

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