Lions’ D’Andre Swift ‘Excited’ to Team Up With Jared Goff

D'Andre Swift

Getty D'Andre Swift walks off the field after a Lions game.

The Detroit Lions will be adding a new quarterback to the mix in the new year, with Jared Goff set to join the roster in the coming months after trade.

Most Lions players have not been able to speak about the move given the league is in the throws of the playoffs and offseason, but one player making the media rounds this week is D’Andre Swift. Speaking to the media, Swift talked about the move of the Lions to agree to trade Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams for Goff.

Swift, obviously, is happy for his former teammate Stafford getting a fresh start in a new place. But looking toward the future, he’s also excited that he gets to line up alongside Goff, considering his talent. As Swift said, he’s happy to be able to line up with Goff in Detroit.

Adding Goff to the mix gives the Lions a chance to replace one elite quarterback with another, which is good news for the team’s hopes of remaining competitive next season and beyond. If the Lions are to do that, a big reason could very well be Swift’s ability to develop as a runner and give the ground game a boost.

A huge key to success for the Lions could be developing their run game to use Goff in more play action looks. If that’s the case, Swift and Goff are going to get to know each other well as they prepare for next season.

Jared Goff Has Worked With Solid Running Backs

Swift will merely become the next in a solid line of quality runners that Goff will have worked with. Thus far in his career, Goff has handed the ball off to names such as Todd Gurley, Cam Akers, Malcolm Brown and C.J. Anderson. In Detroit, he will have Swift and Kerryon Johnson to rely on. Adrian Peterson could always be a part of the mix as well, but it’s up in the air whether or not Peterson will return to the team this offseason, even though he has maintained he might want that to be the case.

The Lions could also draft or sign another running back for their room to add to depth, but Goff already has the makings of a solid room in Detroit to start with.

D’Andre Swift 2020 Stats

Though he was quick to stand up for Goff’s talents, there is no doubting the talent that Swift himself brings to rhe mix. Coming into the league as a rookie, Swift has seen the ball plenty with the Lions and he has done a nice job to deliver for the most part when his number has been called. 422 yards and 7 touchdowns have been a nice start to the career for Swift, and if anything, he has proven he can be elusive and be the lead dog for the team’s backfield situation moving forward.

Goff and Swift could be the next go-to combo for the future of Detroit’s offense, and it will be interesting to see how the duo does together. Clearly, there’s excitement already for the relationship.

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