Lions Defense Stuns Packers With Rare Winning Effort During Crunch Time

Kerby Joseph

Getty Kerby Joseph celebrates with the Lions defense in 2022.

Most of the 2022 season, the Detroit Lions have had a big issue with being able to put away games, and while the blame is shared by both sides of the ball, it’s clear the defense has played a major role in some of the letdowns.

More often than not, the Lions have not gotten just a few plays in games, which has been to their detriment on the field. Finally, though, those fortunes seemed to turn for the better in Week 9.

No matter whether or not Aaron Rodgers was having one of the worst games of his career, it can be true that the Lions were very impressive on the game flying around and making plays. A much-maligned defense forced three turnovers, held Green Bay at bay in the red zone and got off the field on a critical fourth down to allow the Lions to snag a win.

As Field Yates pointed out, considering the Lions were one of the worst defenses in the league, this was quite the glaring turnaround for the team to score a big win.

“The Lions entered today allowing 32.1 points per game, by far the worst in the NFL. They hadn’t held anyone to fewer than 24 points. The Packers managed 9 points today and have lost 5 straight games with Aaron Rodgers at QB for the first time since 2008,” Yates tweeted.

Considering where the team has been at lately, this turnaround was stunning, especially to Green Bay. The Packers might have more problems on offense than many people realize not being able to complete passes and make plays against a team like Detroit, facing injuries and struggling.

Finally, the Detroit defense was able to have something good to hang their hat on. The positivity of that cannot be understated at this point in 2022.

Dan Campbell Praises Defense for Playmaking

After the game, it was clear that the Lions players and coaches understood who helped win them the game. Detroit managed to make the final stop, which is something they hadn’t done recently, and Dan Campbell was impressed.

As Campbell said, in his opinion, the team gets a lot of credit for not only winning the game, but being gritty and resilient on the field and stepping up when they needed to.

“I’m proud of them. I just gave the game ball to A.G. It’s a hell of a job. Coaches his heart out. Those guys responded. We knew we needed a minimum of two is what we talked about. As a whole, that defense man, they rose up. I thought we played aggressive, challenged on the perimeter. Some of the plays they made, we were in the fight. We’re in it. I felt like we made them go the long, hard way and we were able to sustain.”

Campbell, like all the fans, had waited to see the defense put a game away and play a big role. Finally, they were able to do that.

Big Plays Paced Lions Defense All Day

Finally, the long-awaited big play came to fruition for Detroit, and it came courtesy of the team’s rookie class.

Kerby Joseph was playing defense for the Lions in the first half against Aaron Rogers and was the lucky beneficiary of an erratic pass which deflected into the air and then into his arms.

It wasn’t just Joseph who was making the big plays in the red zone, though. Defensive end Aidan Hutchinson soared to make a pick on fourth down of Rodgers.

The pair of picks helped keep Green Bay off the board, and the Packers weren’t able to break through with a touchdown on either drive on the one yard line. Later, Joseph would make another interception of Rodgers for his second of the day.

The Lions have needed big plays on defense all season, and they finally found a way to make it happen in a game. Perhaps this can be a springboard for the team.

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