Bears Draft Insider Makes Comical Trade Proposal to Lions for 2nd Pick

Brad Holmes Dan Campbell

Getty Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell walk on the field during Lions training camp in 2021.

The Detroit Lions will roll into the 2023 NFL draft as one of the teams to watch given their multiple first-round picks and the chance to jump-start their progressing rebuild.

As a result of that, nothing should be off the table in terms of what the Lions may do when the draft gets going. The team may look to trade up as they did for Jameson Williams in 2022. They might also trade back if they can acquire more picks.

It’s hard to project now what the Lions might want to do without a bigger, clearer picture of what the draft board will look like. If the Lions were stuck in the third position, would they want to try and trade up to take someone they loved?

That’s just what NBC Sports Chicago and Unfiltered With David Kaplan was projecting for the team. In terms of analyzing what the Chicago Bears should do, draft analyst Glynn Morgan said he thought the Lions should cough up multiple top picks to Chicago to come up one spot in the order.

Glynn Morgan: The Bears should trade the 2nd overall pick if they get it | NBC Sports ChicagoOn this episode of Unfiltered, David Kaplan is joined by Glynn Morgan to discuss the latest Bears draft scenarios. The two look at some potential trade options for the Bears if they end up with the number 2 overall pick. #NBCSportsChicago #ChicagoBears #Bears #JustinFields #GreenBayPackers #ryanpoles #MattEberflus #Aaronrodgers #DarnellMooney #EddieJackson #DavidKaplan #Unfiltered #NFLDraft ✔️ Subscribe…2022-11-30T00:55:23Z

With the picks, Morgan suggested the Bears select Alabama defensive lineman Will Anderson Jr. and Tennessee wideout Jaylin Hyatt. No mention was made about the kind of haul they were getting from Detroit, or why the Lions would agree to such a deal at all.

Specifically, as it relates to the trade, but numbers show that it’s a seven pick advantage for the Bears while the Lions would net only a total of two selections. That’s pretty lopsided and potentially unrealistic as a trade up for one spot in the order.

In total, the trade had the Lions surrendering both first-round selections in 2023, a 2023 second-round pick and a 2023 sixth-round pick. Detroit would also send their 2024 first-round pick, third-round pick and fourth-round pick to Chicago.

It’s a steep price to pay, and thankfully, it’s just unfounded conjecture at the moment. Besides that, the trade is just silly considering where the Lions are at.

Why This Potential Bears-Lions Swap Won’t Happen

The Lions are in full-fledged rebuild mode right now, which means that they might not be in position to make too bold of a move forward on a draft board. Coughing up too many first-round and early picks would hurt their ability to draft for depth.

Moreover, the Lions and Brad Holmes have maintained they want to build a team through the draft. They will know there is no shortcuts to that, so trading all their picks away in a massive dump such as this for one player will not help the team in the long run whatsoever.

Additionally, it’s rare to see teams do divisional trades in the draft. The Lions and Minnesota Vikings did one this year which allowed for the team to select Williams, but that deal was far more balanced.

Dealing up one spot would or should not require this type of cost, and reality likely shows that such a move would be hard to fathom playing out.

Lions Have too Many Needs for Major Deal

Another reason something like this is not destined to happen? The Lions themselves have to patch multiple holes on their offense and defense moving forward. The team isn’t in fantastic shape in terms of depth, and trading away so many picks would harm the team’s ability to build.

This year, the Lions need depth on the back end. They could use help at cornerback and safety since they have struggled in those spots. The team also needs more linebackers and perhaps defensive lineman to change the narrative in the trenches, seeing as the team is getting pushed around in a major way in those spots.

Offensively, the Lions may decide on a change at quarterback. If so, that’s likely to be their first pick in 2023, but given how Jared Goff has played for the most part and what the offense has done, that may not play out.

The Lions are seemingly loaded at the skill positions, but could decide on a new wideout or running back to help depth, and perhaps a tight end. Depth up front could be important for the team as well given the injuries in the trenches.

Detroit simply isn’t going to be making a trade like this when they can calmly add to the depth of the team and continue their rebuild. Don’t count on such a Chicago fantasy happening.

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