Jamaal Williams Not Shy About Sharing Super Bowl Aspiration for Lions

Jamaal Williams

Getty Running back Jamaal Williams runs against Atlanta in 2021.

Most on the outside have understood the Detroit Lions feel like a rebuilding team for 2022 and might be a few years away, but don’t tell running back Jamaal Williams about that.

Williams, always the colorful personality, was asked about some changes for the Lions in 2022 including HBO’s show Hard Knocks coming to town. The running back used it as a launching point to talking about his goals of getting the Lions over the hump with the Super Bowl.

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Speaking to the media on Wednesday, May 11, Williams was asked about the program coming to film and some of the new attention the Lions have gained. As he explained, it’s not something he is focusing on at all, instead choosing to think about winning and reaching his Super Bowl goal.

“I don’t give a f***. I don’t care. I just want to play football. All that means is more cameras walking around staring at me. I don’t care. I just want to play football and I want to win a Super Bowl this year,” Williams said to the media. “Forget Hard Knocks and all that.”

That’s a major goal for a Lions team that went 3-13-1 in 2021, so how will the team get there? Williams believes a big way is by veteran leaders setting the right example, and he is looking at himself in the mirror first and foremost.

“Last year is just a change in general for me. Now I’m a leader on the team because I am one of the vets on the team now that I have to show by example. Sometimes I am going to have to talk, and I don’t like taking, I really don’t. I’d rather just show on the field and do it that way. I got to take steps to improve,” Williams said. “If you want to improve you got to change things, and sometimes you get comfortable where you are at if you don’t want to improve. I’ve got to improve. One of the things I have to improve is talking…I feel like I could give a lot more than I am.”

While many might not take the Lions seriously as contenders, it starts first with a mindset. Williams is obviously bringing that to the mix in a big way ahead of a new season simply by talking about the goal and setting an example to get there.

Williams Offers Thoughts on 2022 Schedule Release

With the schedule coming out soon, the Lions have reason to turn their focus to what teams they will be playing. According to the running back, none of that matters at all, because the Lions just want to play the teams in order to get over the hump toward their goal of winning.

“Jamaal Williams is on a roll. Asked about the schedule release…”I don’t care. Bring them in front of those so we can win and go get a Super Bowl ring. “I don’t care who we play,” Siciliano tweeted after hearing Williams talk.

How will the team do that? According to Williams it involves being accountable and coming together as a whole team.

“Last year is last year. It’s a new year. We all just have to come together. We all know what we went through last year. Adversity. This year, we just have to take what we did last year and bump things up. Push it up. The main thing for us is to be accountable, stay accountable. If you want to win a ring, it’s a mindset,” Williams told the media.

No matter who the Lions play, Williams will feel likely to say that it doesn’t matter because Detroit just wants to win overall, and those teams are simply in the way. It’s quite a mindset to have in May.

Williams Enjoyed Solid 2021 Season With Lions

Leading by example is something that is huge for Williams and his role with the Lions. After signing with the Lions last offseason, Williams has done a decent job, posting 601 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns last year. While it’s not an overwhelming statistical total thus far in his Detroit career, it’s important to remember Williams has also been splitting work with D’Andre Swift, Jermar Jefferson, Godwin Igwebuike and others in the team’s backfield. At times, Williams has also shown himself to be a capable receiver for the team, putting up 157 total yards in the 2021 season. Overall, Williams has been effective at running the ball for the team when he has been called upon.

Perhaps just as important as Williams’ play has been his leadership. Once again, the running back is going the extra mile in that department for the Lions. His speaking openly about wanting to win big cannot help but set the tone for the team.

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