Jameson Williams Runs Blazing Route During Lions Practice [WATCH]

Jameson Williams

Getty Jameson Williams makes a catch for Alabama in a 2022 CFP game.

Detroit Lions fans are daydreaming of the day when wide receiver Jameson Williams will finally suit up for their team, and the more they see, the more excited they will get.

Video from practice on Wednesday, November 30 isn’t likely to make things any better for fans hungering to see what Williams can do within the Detroit offense.

As the Lions attempt to continue to ease Williams back into action, a new video from practice gives folks a taste of just how fast he is and what he could do for the offense.

Colton Pouncey of The Athletic gave folks a peek behind the curtain, and as he showed, Williams certainly has some speed to burn.

“Jamo Comin’,” Pouncey wrote in the tweet.

Obviously, the team is easing Williams back into the mix and he may or may not play this week, but the wideout looks more than ready to be able to handle the load that is coming his way, whatever it may be.

Lions fans are likely more than ready to see Williams on the field putting that speed to use in a game.

Williams Still Unlikely to Return Week 13

Speaking to the media on Monday, November 28, Campbell discussed where Williams as well as Romeo Okwara were at. As he said, the plan may not involve a return to action for the players in Week 13, after all.

Head Coach Dan Campbell speaks to the media on November 28Hear from Head Coach Dan Campbell as he speaks to the media on Nov. 28, 2022 Subscribe to the Lions YT Channel: bit.ly/2OABzdx More Lions NFL Action: bit.ly/3epKf5l #DetroitLions #Lions #NFL Keep up-to-date on all things Lions: Visit detroitlions.com/ Follow: twitter.com/Lions Follow: instagram.com/detroitlionsnfl/ Like: facebook.com/DetroitLions2022-11-28T19:26:46Z

“I think that would be a tall order (to return). Anything’s open. I think we need to see them be able to pull quite a few reps with high intensity and contact and versatility and whatever the job description would be. I don’t want to say wouldn’t happen, but it would take a lot this week to bring them up,” Campbell said early in the week.

Even though that is the case, Campbell did admit that anything could happen throughout the week depending on how both players bounce back.

“We’re open to anything. They’re certainly going to get more reps than they’ve gotten this week. So we’re going to get a real good look at them,” Campbell admitted.

As this video shows, the Lions are clearly getting a very good look at Williams this week, which could mean his return is on tap in the next few weeks at the very latest.

What Williams Will Bring to Lions Offense

In terms of the value of Williams in the offense, it’s easy to see that the Lions will gain with him back in the mix almost immediately when he is activated.

Williams is a fast player, and is the kind of guy who can hit deep home runs at will for an offense. He’s also the kind of player that can turn a short route over the middle into a large play. For the Lions, it might be as simple as just putting the ball in his hands and seeing what happens.

As Jared Goff explained on Wednesday, November 30, from what he can see, Williams looks good already even with some of the simple things he has been doing. As a result, whenever he comes back, Goff is confident in him making an impact.

Jared Goff meets with the media on November 30Watch Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff speak to the media on November 30, 2022. Subscribe to the Lions YT Channel: bit.ly/2OABzdx #DetroitLions #Lions #NFL Keep up-to-date on all things Lions: Visit detroitlions.com/ Follow: twitter.com/Lions Follow: instagram.com/detroitlionsnfl/ Like: facebook.com/DetroitLions2022-11-30T22:15:01Z

“He looks good. I did some stuff with him (Wednesday). We’ll see how it progresses. If it’s this week, next week, the week after I don’t know. But he looked good to me,” Goff said to the media.

If Williams does come back, Goff conceded it may take a little time for the duo to form some chemistry, but already, that seems to be taking place.

“It depends on what routes he’s running and how much we’re using him, but we’ll see. It’s like that with any player. It has nothing to do with how fast he is but any guy, you want to get those reps. We got some (Wednesday) which is always helpful and trying to start on the same page and hopefully get him incorporated soon,” he said.

Lions fans have to be excited to find out how good Williams can be within an already resurgent offense in 2022. If these practice steps and quotes from Goff are any indication, they could be in for a major treat soon.

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