Jared Goff Fires up Lions By Forcing His Way on the Field

Jared Goff

Getty Jared Goff runs on the field for the Lions in a 2022 preseason game.

The first preseason game isn’t typically a time for a starting quarterback to make a major impression, but Jared Goff bucked that trend in a big way.

Initially, Goff wasn’t supposed to play at all for the Detroit Lions in their game against the Atlanta Falcons, but Goff surprised everybody by demanding back in. Once he found out he was slated to sit, it simply wasn’t going to happen.

Speaking after Detroit’s 27-23 loss to the Falcons on Friday, August 12, Dan Campbell revealed that he was happy with Goff’s night, mostly because of the fact that he simply willed his way on the field when he was supposed to sit.

“I was proud of him. We really didn’t intend on playing him. He was the one who came to my office and said ‘I want to play.’ I said ‘well I’m not playing you.’ He said ‘if they’re playing, I’m playing.’ I said ‘OK, you’re playing,'” Campbell said. “I appreciate that about him, He went out there and ran that offense. That’s really what you’re looking for out of your ones, you want to see them play fast, efficient, move it down the field and score touchdowns so I was pleased with him.”

As Campbell said, once Goff found out he was going to sit, he simply didn’t let it happen.

“He found out and that was not what he wanted to do. He had conviction about it, and I’m all about conviction,” Campbell admitted.

Naturally, there was some risk involved playing a starter as important as Goff, but to see the player want to play and get the job done on the field was a breath of fresh air to the staff.

It wasn’t just Campbell that was happy to see Goff, however. His teammates were even more motivated to see him suiting up.

Taylor Decker: Goff Fired up Lions Line

Detroit’s offensive line was likely expecting someone else on the field, but when they saw Goff, there was major excitement.

As offensive tackle Taylor Decker said, Goff’s presence gave the line some extra juice and fired up the team.

“One thing that fired me up, Frank, couple other guys. I don’t think Jared was even supposed to play today, he heard we were playing, starting line, he went to Dan and said ‘I’m in. I’m playing.’ I love that,” Decker said. “You want your quarterback to go out there. ‘If my guys are out there, we’re going to go out there and compete and go right down the field and score.’ That’s what we did. We were excited to get out there as a whole offense.”

The excitement was palpable as the Lions looked like they were on a mission. It’s clear that the Lions are jelling with their quarterback and in a good place with Goff as they push toward the season.

Goff Looked Solid During First Game

It wasn’t just the fact that Goff played that fired everyone up, but how he played. The quarterback looked under control and made plenty of big throws down the field as part of a 47 passing yard night

As Goff explained after the game, he was very proud of the effort the offense showed when they received their dress rehearsal on the field.

“Obviously it was great we scored a touchdown, but I thought we operated well,” Goff told the media. “Couple mental errors there pre-snap, but for the most part operated well, made some plays. Made a couple plays down the field, ran the ball well. Kind of what we intended to do from the jump and we were able to do it.”

Goff being the one leading the charge meant a lot to his team, and just another way the quarterback is bringing things together

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