Key Lions Weapon Credited as ‘Surprise Contributor’ for 2022 Season

Kalif Raymond

Getty Kalif Raymond on the field for the Lions during a 2022 preseason game.

The Detroit Lions enjoyed a resurgent season in 2022, and the only reason that was able to be the case was the play of several of the team’s underrated players.

On defense, the Lions witnessed the rise of names like defensive lineman Isaiah Buggs and John Cominsky. Offensively, players like tight end Brock Wright and running back Justin Jackson impressed the team all season long despite having relatively unknown names.

Wide receiver Kalif Raymond was certainly on their same level as a player that folks would not have expected big things from at first, yet managed to deliver in a major way. Raymond is starting to get love around the league for his work, and was the latest to give him a shout-out for a fantastic year.

Writer Nick Shook was tasked with naming some overlooked surprise contributors for each team. In terms of the Lions, Raymond was his pick thanks to all he has been able to do with the team in the last two seasons on the field both as a receiver and a punt returner.

“In 2021, he landed in Detroit, where he continued to return punts and finished fourth on the team in receiving targets (71). The Lions extended him last March, and they’re undoubtedly pleased with what they received in return. Raymond finished second on the team in receiving yards this season (616, on 47 catches), and although he didn’t find the end zone as a wideout, he routinely made plays that advanced the ball downfield for one of the NFL’s most explosive (and surprising) offenses. He also earned second-team All-Pro honors as a punt returner, averaging a healthy 13.2 yards per return and scoring a touchdown,” Shook wrote in the piece of Raymond.

Raymond has been a true find for the Lions since they scooped him up from the Tennessee Titans prior to the 2021 season. He has shown his value in plenty of ways, and has managed to lock down a regular role for the team as an important contributor.

While Raymond might be overlooked now, this could be his last year of flying under-the-radar in the league. It seems he has taken on more and more importance for the Lions, and could always be in line for more accolades as a result.

Raymond Cracked All-Pro Team for 2022 Play

In a nod to his talent, Raymond was revealed to be added to a fantastic postseason team as a result of his on-field work last season.

A few weeks back on January 13, 2023, Raymond was named one of the AP’s 2022-23 NFL All-Pros for his work, cracking the second-team as a punt returner for this past season.

While Raymond wasn’t a first-team All-Pro for Detroit, Marcus Jones in New England was voted to that post. Jones was also terrific this season, posting 362 yards and one touchdown on punt returns.

What earned Raymond’s place on the second-team All-Pro list? His 264 yards and one score on punt returns. This season, Raymond contributed a 47 yard punt return in the first quarter for a score which helped the Lions win a vital game against the New York Jets in December 20-17.

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Raymond’s under-the-radar impact on the field has been impressive ever since he first stepped foot in Detroit, and now, he’s finally getting some of the recognition that he deserves in a big way.

Raymond Had Fantastic 2022 Season With Lions

In terms of a true Swiss Army knife, there might be nobody better in the NFL than Raymond who earns none of the praise or hype of others across the league, yet continues to deliver big results.

Raymond has stepped up as a dependable target for the Lions at wide receiver when he needs to be due to injury or other concern given 616 yards on 47 catches. More than that, though, he’s bringing a game-changing element to special teams on punt and kick returns.

As a wideout, in the Week 18 finale, Raymond was the recipient of a deep 43 yard pass from Jared Goff that was nearly a touchdown on first down in the third quarter. He had to not only outrun the Green Bay secondary on the play, but make a fantastic adjustment to the ball near the goal line.

That play, as Raymond would later confirm, was made despite the fact that he had sustained broken ribs earlier in the game, which was a nod to his overall toughness for the team.

Not only does he play a fantastic wide receiver and star on special teams, he is tough and refuses to give an inch. There is no doubting the fact that Raymond deserves his status as a surprise contributor for his work last year.

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