‘This S*** Gone Cost You:’ Kenny Golladay Has Cryptic Instagram Post

Kenny Golladay

Getty Kenny Golladay celebrates a catch in Jacksonville.

The Detroit Lions have one of the NFL’s top up and coming young wideouts in Kenny Golladay, but the only question now is whether they will ever manage to pay the man his money.

Golladay seems to have taken notice of that fact as well in recent days. Following a commanding Detroit win in Jacksonville in which Golladay was once again one of the elite players on the field with 105 receiving yards, the wideout spoke up a bit on Instagram.

As he appears to say, it will now cost the Lions to get a deal done.

Obviously, as is pointed out, there are plenty of ways to construe Instagram posts, but the implication here seems to be that waiting to get a deal done is going to cost the Lions in the future. Perhaps Gollday is frustrated that a deal hasn’t gotten done, or perhaps he is upset the sides have exchanged numbers behind the scenes and the Lions haven’t been strong enough from his point of view.

Whatever the situation might be, it’s clear Golladay could be very frustrated about not having a deal completed as of yet in Detroit.

Kenny Golladay’s Contract Talks

The Lions have said they wanted to get a deal done with Golladay to keep him in the mix for the future, but have not seen any details of the negotiations go public at this point nor have they appeared to move firmly on a deal. It was assumed after Taylor Decker’s deal that the Lions may have been able to get the job done on a Golladay extension before the season, but when it did not play out with that timeline, many were left to wonder if it would indeed happen in 2020 or if Golladay would have to wait.

This past week, Golladay was once again coy about the talks, saying that nothing had leaked yet. Following another big game on Sunday, this post surfaced to bring even more questions to the mix about where things stand.

If Golladay now indeed has to wait, this post could add a new level of intrigue to the situation. It’s more than possible that the Lions waiting has cost them, considering Golladay could certainly be upping his asking price with every big game and big catch he has along the way.

How Bob Quinn’s Future Could Complicate Kenny Golladay’s

With 2,730 yards and 19 touchdowns thus far in his career coming into the 2020 season on the field after being a 3rd round pick in 2017, Golladay looks like an obvious top dog in Detroit for the foreseeable future with Matthew Stafford tossing him the rock and a clear home grown talent. He’s proven that to be the case in 2020 itself with 224 yards and 2 scores in spite of missing a few weeks early on with a nagging hamstring injury.

Even in spite of all of that, the Lions have plenty of things going on multiple fronts. Their coaching staff might be firmly on the hot seat, and their front office might not be that far behind them in terms of fighting for their job. Would this mean that Quinn wouldn’t currently have the power to hand out a big deal right now? It could be the case that his hands have been tied a bit.

If Quinn loses his job in the months ahead, it would then be on a new front office to quickly try and work a deal with Golladay, who ironically might just be Quinn’s best draft pick with the Lions as a whole.

Obviously, whatever deal gets worked out in time may end up costing the Lions as Golladay seemed to imply himself.

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