‘He’s Gotta Be Gone:’ NFL Analyst Demands Lions Fire Matt Patricia

Matt Patricia

Getty Matt Patricia during a game in 2020.

The Detroit Lions didn’t play a game in Week 5, but their coach Matt Patricia was still getting raked over the coals for his inability to win games.

Early on Sunday, Patricia once again was brought up by Terry Bradshaw on Fox Sports’ pregame show in a negative light. Bradshaw again went in on Patricia, saying he might be a smart guy, but he’s a lousy coach and has to get fired this season.

Bradshaw said:

“Patricia in Detroit, can’t coach. Smartest guy in the world, rocket scientist, engineer, can’t coach a lick. Can’t hold a lead when they’re leading by 10 points. He’s gotta be gone.”

Former NFL star Michael Strahan chimed in on the same telecast, saying that he believes Patricia has to foster better relationships if he wants to be a success in the league and win their respect.

“Matt Patricia, he’s been an x’s and o’s guy. You have to have relationships if you want to win in this league with your players so they’ll run through a wall for you.”

Many would argue Patricia hasn’t even been a great x’s and o’s guy with Detroit either, so something has to give. The Lions get back to work this week by hitting the road for Jacksonville. Patricia will get a chance to redeem himself and change the narrative once more. It’s a narrative that has turned south in plenty of ways in recent days.

At this point, however, the narrative might be written. That’s true at least in Bradshaw’s case.

Terry Bradshaw Roasted Matt Patricia Before

A few weeks back Bradshaw went in on Patricia as well. Speaking a few Sundays back, Bradshaw admitted that he doesn’t understand how Patricia has made the Lions any better than the team he took over from Jim Caldwell. Additionally, Bradshaw said the Lions are wasting Matthew Stafford’s prime as a result of this.

Patricia is 9-24-1 as coach of the Lions and has had the team close to competing and winning games, but close doesn’t get the job done whatsoever in the NFL. Stafford has taken some steps forward within Darrell Bevell’s offense, but Patricia’s bread and butter was defense. So far, Detroit’s defense has only gotten worse during his entire tenure as head coach.

Will the Lions elect to make a move if Patricia continues to struggle? It’s more than possible, and if they do, it would represent the team starting over yet again, just like they did when they hired Patricia.

That’s what happens when a plan doesn’t come together, something Bradshaw would admit is happening.

Matt Patricia’s Future Uncertain

Speaking to WXYZ’s Brad Galli after the 35-29 loss in Week 4, Detroit Free Press reporter Dave Birkett was asked directly about Patricia’s future. As he said, while there might not be a short term danger to Patricia, there is certainly a long term danger.

Birkett said:

“I do think he should have concern for the long term future. I don’t think the Lions will make a move right now. I don’t know there’s much point to making a move after 4 games. 1-3, the Lions still have a shot, especially when you look at what’s ahead. I think the 7 teams before Thanksgiving, one of them has a winning record. We’re 36 games into Matt Patricia’s tenure as head coach. He inherited a 9 win team. When you look at what this team has done under Matt Patricia, there’s very little reason to believe that Matt Patricia is going to get a 4th season as head coach.”

Waiting until the end of the season might be painful for Lions fans, but it seems like the most likely scenario at this point for the team. Patricia had better hope he can use his upcoming schedule to make a run, or it could be curtains for the coach in Detroit.

Right now, that could be the direction the Lions should be heading if Bradshaw is believed.

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