‘Fire is Getting Hot:’ Matt Patricia’s Job May Hinge on Thanksgiving

Matt Patricia

Getty Matt Patricia before Thanksgiving Day's game.

The Detroit Lions will be playing a huge game against the Houston Texans on Thanksgiving Day and it looms large for several in the organization not the least of which is Matt Patricia.

Many folks wonder if Patricia would be fired with a loss. While there remains no clear answer on that, it is clear that a defeat will not help the coach make a case for himself moving forward to remain in his position. Speaking before kickoff, Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network explained that the pressure is only going to intensify on Patricia if the Thanksgiving game ends up being a loss.

Rapoport said:

“When Martha Firestone Ford made the decision along with the rest of the Ford family to bring back Matt Patricia, it came with this demand. They had to be playing meaningful football in December. They had to be playoff contenders. Time is running short for that to happen specifically for Patricia. Today looms large. A loss today against a Texans team that has been not very good takes them to 4-7. Doesn’t mean they cannot make the playoffs, it’s not impossible. But an uphill battle. Patience certainly in Detroit is waining. I know Matt Patricia after last week’s game fielded several questions about his job status. The fire is getting hot. The fire will only get hotter if they lose today.”

The Thanksgiving game has long been a barometer for the Lions, and it appears it’s going to serve as that again in Detroit. With an ugly defeat, it’s more than possible big changes could be made coming up soon for the Lions.

Knowing this, it will be interesting to see how Detroit plays knowing an ugly loss could very well serve as a bad omen for the coach they’ve been standing up for.

Matt Patricia’s on Hot Seat

Patricia’s below .500 record in Detroit has been an ugly spot as is the way the team looks underprepared and struggles to beat good teams as well as bad teams. Patricia’s never seen anything but last place in December, and that’s been bad news as it relates to his future. The Lions have needed wins late in seasons before, and they have struggled to deliver. Patricia has statistically been one of the worst coaches in Detroit over that span, and he’s running out of time to prove he deserves to stick around.

When Lions May Fire Matt Patricia

If a move is made, it’s wise to expect it to take time to play out. The Lions typically don’t make rash decisions in season. That’s likely to play out again no matter how much Patricia may nosedive. The Lions are marginally in playoff contention, and while that doesn’t mean Patricia stays, it might mean he is at least able to finish the season out before being shown the door if the Lions don’t improve enough for ownership’s liking.

Patricia had best start winning in order to keep ahead of the rumors and conjecture.

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